Monday, November 24, 2008

Prayers For My Sister

Please pray for my sister, Desiree`. She's on her way to the hospital with a temperature of 101. As many of you may remember, Desiree` has Lupus but has no spleen. Therefore, she basically has no immune system.

When my sister becomes sick with something as slight as a cold, it can quickly turn into pneumonia, which then spirals into full blown sepsis (toxic blood). Septic shock is often fatal, and she has been hospitalized in the past for this condition more than once. The first time was just shy of 4 years ago, and that was by far, the worst incident. She was in the ICU on partial life support.

She is the mother of 3 boys, and the older of the two remember when their mother was sick before, and are no doubt very scared right now.

I will post updates here on my blog and via email privately.

Thank you all so much.

PS: My sister's blog is linked on the sidebar, if anyone would like to put a face to their prayers.

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