Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review: Homeschool Library Builder

Allow me to begin with two words that are enough to make me do the Snoopy Dance.

"Books" and "cheap".

This next review is for Homeschool Library, which serves up plenty of both words in spades.

Homeschool Library is a Christian family-run website that boasts a healthy selection of both new and used books (including some out-of-print gems!), perfect for families using a Literature-based curriculum (such as Five in a Row, Sonlight, Tapestry of Grace) or those who simply have a love of "living" books vs. "twaddle".

Membership is free, and provides access to plenty of exclusive opportunities not offered at other e-bookstores. (More on those in a bit.)

Their prices are comparable to other new/used book sellers, including Half Price Books. Their handy search tool makes finding the right book easy and hassle-free, but I must say that it's their Clearance section that really impressed me. These books are marked down well below cost, and range in price from a meager $0.75 to a whole $3.00. (Not too shabby!)

Shipping prices are very reasonable, but from now until November 6th, shipping is absolutely FREE! (You'll want to take advantage of this, especially with the holidays right around the corner.)

They offer a full 30 day, satisfaction guarantee so you can order with confidence. is owned by fellow homeschooling mothers, Julie Huffman and Gayla Weatherford. These two friends and partners share a passion for both great literature and great bargains. But it's what these entrepreneurs have done outside of the traditional "bookseller realm", that has really set Homeschool Library Builder apart.

First up, is the HSLB Marketplace. This 100% free service provides marketing and advertising, both via the website and monthly E-newsletter, for small "homegrown" products and services. As anyone trying to promote their home-based wares can attest, advertising costs can be painful. This great service helps take some of the "sting" out of this business necessity.

Their "Helping Hand Program" offers a specially designated selection of books, whereby all purchases go directly toward helping a worthy cause or charity. In the past, HSLB has helped the victims of China's earthquakes, to helping provide an autistic boy with a service dog. For more information on their current charity, please visit their website and click on "Operation Hurricane".

Fundraising is a huge challenge to any non-profit organization. Honestly, how many wreaths and candy bars can one group sell, anyway? (I say this knowing that my daughter will soon be thrusting bars of chocolate upon all unsuspecting friends and family members....ahem.) understands this dilemma, and therefore extends a generous Fundraising Program to its members. All the materials your co-op, support group, or sports team needs to run a successful fundraising campaign are provided free of charge.

In addition to your earnings, you can also earn "Book Points" (see below) to be redeemed at a later date. (Claim your independence from the candy bar dominion! Arise and hold thy books aloft!--Ahem...sorry.) For more information, please click here.

Book Points, also known as their Frequent Buyer Program is by far, their best deal. For every dollar purchased, you'll earn 1 Book Point. Every 15 points is equal to $1.00. (With me so far?)

These points can then be used toward any future purchases, and any unused book points are carried over. (Kinda like those roll-over cell phone minutes.)

You can also earn points by referring friends to or by linking your blog or website to HSLB as an affiliate.

With all of these fantastic benefits, it's easy to see how Homeschool Library has set themselves apart from the competition.

I give it "two thumbs way up"! :o)

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