Friday, November 21, 2008

Time to Ramp It Up...Again...

I've been in a workout slump for the past several weeks. I've been babying myself, going really easy and light. (A few squats here, a set of lunges there; maybe toss a few overhead presses in for good measure.)

Then I caught sight of my rear in the bathroom mirror on the way into the shower...

(Deep shudder...)

So, here I am announcing to the world that I am officially getting up off my fanny, and once again taking my workouts seriously.

It's amazing how prone I am to laziness and procrastination. (If "amazing" can be synonymous with "disgusting".)

Sure, I walk to and fro everywhere, but that's not enough. My muscle definition's getting a bit harder to see and I don't like that--not one bit. I've worked too hard to get it, and sitting back watching it disappear is inexcusable.

Yesterday, I worked out for a whopping 25 mins and called it good. (Only because after 20 mins I thought I was going to die from hyperventilation, due to my out-of-shapeness. I gave it another 5 mins just to prove I wouldn't.)

So after Dean left this morning, I decided I needed some motivation. I grabbed my old stack of exercise magazines from the cupboard and pawed through them, taking note of little things like form, reps, supplements.

Once that got me good 'n amped, I hopped on the recumbent bike and pedalled my way through a nice, drippy, sweaty 30 mins. Then I followed that up with squats (3 sets/15 reps). Not too bad for 6am.

Ha! Take that, Lazy Girl! ;o)

So, my dear friends...please hold me accountable. I'm granting you permission. Enjoy it.

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