Monday, December 22, 2008

Couldn't Wait...

In case it isn't obvious by the photos (which I seriously doubt!), the kids--especially Ethan--were absolutely, positively ecstatic over getting a Wii this year.

Obviously, Dean and I couldn't wait to see their reactions (giving them their gifts a day early), but judging by the pics we were not disappointed.

The Wii is actually from my Mom, while the games are from us. We started out by giving them the games to open, which we hoped would lead to the natural conclusion of, "We're gettin' a Wii".

However, since these are half my children, that conclusion was apparently lost on my younger two.

When asked if he liked the games, Ethan said "Yes, but they're all for Wii."
"So, what does that tell you, buddy?"

Then Sierra pops up with, "Well I can tell you exactly what it means!"
Ethan, blinking a bit more...a smile starting to spread across his face. "Uh...we're getting a Wii?"

At that point, Dean and I handed them the large, wrapped box and told them all to dig in. Ha!

Ethan kept yelling, "Oh my gosh...Oh my GOSH!" Then finally with a resounding primal scream of joy, he hoisted the freshly unwrapped parcel into the air shouting, "Wiiiiiiii......!!!!!!! Wiiiiiiiiii...heeeeeheeeee! Wiiiiiiiiii....!!"

Now they're all official Wii-tards. :o)

Happy Hanukkah, everyone!

PS: Oh yes, and the children gave Dean and I lovely gifts this year as well. Daddy got a Grateful Dead CD from Ethan, a hand-drawn Dancing Bear card from Sierra (and $20--ha ha!), and Abby looked like she wanted to cry because the snow prevented us from venturing out to get her gift for Daddy. (Sorry, Pookie!)

Then I got a new pair of dangle earrings from Sierra, a heart necklace from Abby, and a "Love" photo frame from Ethan.

I gave Dean a new coffee tumbler that'll hopefully keep his coffee hotter, longer. He's also got 2 more things coming from me that haven't arrived yet (thank you, UPS). And he gave me...

(man, I feel like a total idiot now...)

A brand new PINK iPod Nano! Can you believe it? I was soooo not expecting that. Not even slightly. When he said he got me "something small", I was thinking a new journal or something. I was certainly not thinking in terms of SIZE.

What a nice husband. :o)

Extravagant...but nice.

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Rachel said...

Happy Hannukah! I can just picture your family though the whole Wii opening. LOL


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