Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukkah!

The Three Amigos
(Can you pick up on the subliminal threats of vengeance Amanda & I
are directing toward Dean for snapping our photo?)
A beautiful, glowing mother and her precious daughter
Two generations, blowing the shofar
Class Cookie Exchange!
Followed by a fun gift exchange!
Pastor David and Daniel
Roots' Kids (a very silly bunch)
Cutest photographer, ever!
Me and my Hubby
An absolutely gorgeous mother and daughter
(Julianah, you cannot tell me you don't look like your Momma...)
Just the 5 of Us
(Yes, Sierra's almost as tall as me...Gag!)
Beauty and the Albino
What a marriage should look like; Sylvia and Daniel
Best Friends
Breathtaking Innocence...

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Rachel said...

Wonderful pictures!!


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