Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Review: Spears Art Studio

I have to admit that back in school, art was one of my LEAST favorite subjects. In fact, I think I'm the only kid that ever flunked art in junior high. Ok, maybe not "flunked" but I got the lowest grade in the class because, according to the teacher, I wasn't applying myself.

I was; it just turns out I didn't have any talent. Oops.

But now that I'm a homeschooling Mom, the subject of art is once again thrust under my nose. By law, I have to not only teach the concepts of it, but I have to teach my kids to appreciate it as well.

So, as a reminder of the Lord's sense of humor, one of the first products I received as part of the TOS Crew was Spears Art Studio K-8 Christian Art Curriculum on CD.

And I'm very pleased with it. Which, given my background, is saying a lot. :o)

Spears Art Studio K-8, created by Dr. Diane S. Spears, is a complete, one year art curriculum. This seasonally based program is organized into weekly themes, and includes activities for each grade level based on the current theme/season. Holiday recognition is a big part of the program, which children find readily appealing.

The curriculum incorporates Scripture into each theme by connecting the lessons to a particular verse. For example, in September students begin by studying Noah's ark. The verse to be learned is Genesis 6:8, and the children learn how to draw animals by studying the basics of line and shape.

Neat, huh? I thought so, too.

Spears Art Studio K-8 includes over 137 patterns (for those of us who truly cannot draw to save their lives!), as well as lists of both additional reading sources and supplies necessary for each lesson.

Overall, my children and I found this program to be incredibly thorough, engaging and fun to use. I love how the activities and theme flow together like a unit study, which spark both creativity and plenty of discussion.

My only minor issue is that during December there aren't any Hanukkah activities provided; only Christmas ones. But that's just me.

You can order directly from their website, as well as view samples of both the lessons and Teacher's Manual.

I give Spears Art Studio K-8 1.5 thumbs up. :o)

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