Monday, December 29, 2008

Sunday in Review

~Sunday in Review~
She may be 13, but I can still pick my "baby" up! (Barely...)
My aspiring architect, in all his "K-Nex" glory.
My budding chef, decorating a fresh batch of sugar cookies.
Gee, can you tell which ones Daddy decorated? (Ahem)
And of course, Miss Pookie doing what Pookies do best. :o)

After all that fun, my Mom treated us (by way of cash not so discreetly shoved into my hand) to an afternoon out at the movies.

We decided on "The Tale of Despereaux", as Marley & Me--after reading several reviews--was nixed due to some of the more adult content and horrendously sad ending. (Dean and I will watch it later on DVD and determine whether or not the kids can see it.)

But anyway, we all fell in love with the brave little mouse with the over-sized ears. :o)  The animation was spectacular, the voices well-suited, and the storyline itself made me tear up a time or two. Although parts would probably be a bit much for the under 7 crowd, I felt it was a great movie with a beautiful ending.

The fact that the hero sought to be "a gentleman" and was guided by bravery and truth, rather than the usual snide comment making, rude to their parents, incredibly selfish dolt that's perpetually targeted toward kids as some sort of quasi-role model, scored big points with me! :o) Three cheers for Despereaux!

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Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

I read that book and it is a great story. Rachel is going to see it tomorrow. Glad you had a day out at the movies


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