Saturday, December 20, 2008

WFDC Holiday Party

Well, as you can tell by the above photo and title, the party did indeed go on as planned. (Whew!)

The party was held at Sockeye's, which is a lovely restaurant nestled in Monroe. The quiet drive was made beautiful by hundreds of snow-laden trees lining the highway, with very few lights to disturb the peaceful setting.

A tad dark, but you get the idea.

The Sockeye's staff were efficient and professional, while the WFDC staff were lively and enjoyable. :o)

It was so much fun hanging out with Joe(-Joe) again, as I rarely get to see him. Joe-Joe's been my friend for 12 years, and was the one who got me the job over at Egghead Computer (before they became, which in turn brought me to Dean. (Little useless background trivia for ya there. Heehee!) He later helped Dean get the job over at WFDC (Work Force Development Center).

Cheryl, Mindy and Joe-Joe (everybody loves Joe-Joe...)

Anyway, the evening was lovely and the friends and co-workers at our table were absolutely hilarious. Cheryl and her significant other, Pat were truly the highlight of the entire night. :o) 

She and I discovered we had the same "quirk" when it comes to not taking off our makeup (or making sure it's on before we leave to give birth--coating our eyelids with liner in the midst of crippling contractions! Ha ha!). She is such a hoot! I could hang out with that lady for hours and walk away with a stomach ache from laughing so hard.

For supper, Dean and I each had the steak which I ordered without the umm...fig sauce and blue cheese topping. (Gag) The meal came with Caesar salad, mashed potatoes and veggies.

I ate 2 bites of my steak, total, then proceeded to give all my leftovers to Liz, a sweet lady from WFDC's Human Resources department, who was sitting next to me. (Not that I didn't like the steak, it's just that after subsisting on a fist-sized amount of food for 3 weeks, that big plate of food was just not appealing, whatsoever.)

Liz was a lot of fun to chat with; very funny and personable. Oh, and she had on the most adorable red heels. :o)  (I love heels...) Gosh, her shoes were cute!

Anyhoo, I had a good time, Dean seemed to be in his element (the perpetual goofball/class clown/star of the show...Gee, I wonder where Abby gets it?!), and I was pleased to hear from everyone how well loved my husband was and how he "talks about you all the time" and "just loves you like...whooosh!" (Ha ha)

However, the absolute best part of the night was....the WAVE. (Had to be there...)

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Rachel said...

Yay for an evening out and a fun holiday party!!


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