Friday, January 23, 2009

One of Those Days

So today I've decided, is going to be one amazingly awful day. Yes, I've already determined it will be and no amount of persuasion shall deter me from my pessimistic point of view.

I've got a lot of reviews to work on, I'm behind on the house work, Sierra and Ethan have taekwondo this afternoon (which they missed yesterday because Abby's sick with the flu and Dean was working late and I didn't want to leave her home alone even if it is only a 5 min walk/jog there and back because what if she puked while I was gone or what if I dragged her out anyway in the cold and she puked all the way there or she just decided life was unfair and burst into tears?) and I'm not sure if they're going yet. Depends on Dean's schedule. And I still have to write up a letter about my nephew's Flat Stanley (or Flat Christian rather) project that he sent me months ago and mail it back, complete with pictures. But my printer's got a paper jam and I can't unjam it. And I forgot to mention it to Dean last night so as a result, Flat Christian/Stanley will be another day behind.

Abby says she's starving every 30 mins so she eats something light, but then barfs within 15 mins of eating it anyway. The vicious cycle continues, ad infinitum. (Or is it "ad nauseum"?)

I'm starting to suspect that viruses are bestowed upon us unsuspecting (unwilling?) mothers as an exercise in patience. And apparently I need more "exercise" in this area because it's ABBY that got sick. Abby, the dramatic one; dramatic as in "The Girl Who Can't Aim for the Toilet Bowl Yet Never Misses the Back, Sides and Floor Surrounding the Toilet and Screams Bloody Murder The Whole Time While Mom Gags and Consols While Holding Back Her Child's Hair".

I'm officially out of Lysol, and according to Dean the "whole house smells like puke" despite my best cleaning and air freshening efforts. Humph.

On the bright side, I have 3 new books in from my friends at Paperback Swap. I'm finished with one (but in all honesty, I've already read it before so it doesn't actually count), mid-way through the 2nd, and haven't even started the 3rd. I should probably pace myself considering I've only had them a week. (Sigh) I still have to pick up my tickets to see the dress rehearsal of "Jewels" over at PNB (thanks again, Rebecca dahling!) so at least that's something to look forward to. Even if it's not 'til next week.

Gee, I hope I can still go. Well, as long as no one else gets sick (like oh say...ME), then I should be fine.

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Rachel said...

Bummer!! Hope Abby is feeling well quickly!


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