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Review: All About Homophones E-book (from All About Spelling)

I know it's cheesy, but I have to get this Veggie Tales song out of my head before I can proceed. 1, 2, 3, 4!!!!! Hit it, Larry!

"Homophones! Homophones!

Where the crews come cruising down the plane!

Homophones! Homophones!

I need my kneaded biscuits plain!"

(Whew! That's better! We now return to your regularly scheduled review.)

Ah, yes. Homophones. Words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and mean very different things. (Gee, don't you just LOVE the English language?)

While homophones can be terribly confusing, they're actually one of my favorite parts of speech (I like to walk on the wild side). However, despite my love of this twisted aspect of grammar, I had a hard time teaching homophones to my children.

Sure, the usual worksheets are pretty effective, but let's face it--those babies tend to get really dry, really quick. Especially to my son, Ethan who'd rather slam his fingers in a car door than write out one more sentence using to, two and too.

Well, I'm thrilled to announce that Marie Rippel, the creator of All About Spelling (the fabulous program previously reviewed here), once again has my son's back. Her terrific E-book titled, "All About Homophones: Your Complete Tool Kit" is nothing short of amazing.

This hefty 240 page E-book covers "more homophones than you can shake a stick at!" through the use of 101 printable worksheets organized by grade level, graphic organizers, crossword puzzles, tongue twisters, printable card games and more.

Although the program was designed to creatively teach students in grades 1-8, I believe it could effectively be used by both younger students ready for a challenge, and by older students who may need a bit of help remembering the different spellings.

With the e-book version, you're able to simply print out the pages you need for the day (an aspect I greatly enjoy!), and it makes for one less book to stack up on your curriculum shelf (ok, shelves!). Less clutter = less stress!

However, if you're more of the "gotta have the book in my hands" persuasion, the program is also available in a softcover book.

I used this program with Ethan and my youngest daughter, Abby; both of whom LOVED it! The worksheets are short enough to hold Ethan's attention, while challenging enough to avoid the drool factor (ie boredom).

The children and I really enjoyed the crossword puzzles and card games which really helped make the word definitions stick, but my personal favorite was the Mega List of homophones at the back of the book. Talk about Word Geek Nirvana! :o)

A visit to the All About Homophones website provides a "grand tour" of this awesome resource by way of a full, 32 page interactive preview. The great "Homophone Machine", which converts any sentence to its homophone equivalent (get ready to laugh!), is a must-see.

Also available is Marie Rippel's free e-report, "5 Secrets for Teaching Homophones" and newsletter subscription which includes graphic organizers as a free gift. Woohoo!

So, whether you're explaining what the weather will be to your busy bee, or need to tutor your husband in all things Tudor, this handy resource will help you every step of the way!

You can purchase All About Homophones in your choice of softcover for $29.95, or E-book format for only $27.95. Quite the bargain I'd say, as you can use it for multiple students for several years to come. ;o)

I think I should make Marie Rippel an honorary member of my family. Honestly, the strides my son has made by using her programs have been remarkable! (Thanks, Marie! You're amazing! And I hope you like the sound of "Rippel-Opper". ;o) I think it has a rather nice ring to it. Especially when you say it really, really fast! )


To celebrate the launch of this fabulous new product from now until February 2nd, you can take a whopping $10 off your choice of the E-book or softcover book! For less than $20, you can own the best homophones resource available. How cool is that?

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Marie Rippel said...

Ha-ha! I just ran across your review of All About Homophones.'re right...say it fast and it has a nice ring!


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