Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Heirs to the Throne

It has come to my attention that my oldest wants out of Dish Washing Duty.

Well. You know what I told her in response to that?

She has to first prove that she can get the dishes CLEAN--the first time--for at least a week (which may not seem like very long, but believe me--it'll be a major stretch for her). Then--and only then--can she officially step down from the throne of Dish Pan Handom, making room for her successor. Ethan. :o)

She laughed and genuinely seemed to like the idea.

But her smile quickly faded when it occured to her that Abby will be the last to make it to the Throne. And while that is true, I reminded her that, "Abby will be scrubbing those dishes for years to come. Just think! You two will be grown and gone, and she'll still be washing dishes. Every day. After each meal. And not only that, but she'll have to wash AND dry!"

Ahh. Happy smile back.

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Venti Iced No Water Americano said...

Now Sierra can move onto bigger and better things like the toilets


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