Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine's Day Re-cap and Mini Movie Review

This year's Valentine's Day was the best yet. Not only did I get my usual dozen red roses, but this year I also got a big ol' box of zits and cellulite chocolate, dinner at Olive Garden (paid for in part with the gift card from Lisa-marie last October), and a trip to the movies to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic".

Not bad. Not bad at all. :o)

The food was delightful, the candy scrumptious, the flowers lovely, and the movie was cute. Not nearly as good as the book, but then what movie ever is? However, I did find it to be a delightful reprieve from my daily life, which is really what movies are about.

Many aspects of the book were changed for the movie, the biggest being the setting. In the book, "Confessions of a Shopaholic", Rebecca Bloomwood lives in England, complete with English verbage and accent. The movie however, takes place in New York... with English actress Isla Fisher (Rebecca) using an American accent. (Weird)

At least Hugh Dancy (Luke Brandon) got to keep his English accent, as Luke is supposed to be English, too.

The second book, "Shopaholic Takes Manhattan", obviously takes place in NY, and is wonderful. I just wasn't thrilled to see Becky already in NY. Because then that left the whole idea of a sequel up in the air. (She's already in NY, know what I mean? Trans-continental move no longer necessary.)

Another key change from book to film is Becky's job. In the book, she already writes for Successful Savings. No need to apply for the position as is the case in the film.

Oh, and one last tiny difference. The talking mannequins. That was just w-e-i-r-d. Never happened in the book. Wasn't too sure why it had to be thrown in the movie. But whatever. It was funny. In an odd, psycho sort of way. (Ahem)

I want to mention too, that although the film's rated PG, I wouldn't recommend taking your younger daughters to see it just yet. Perhaps watching it yourself first would be best, then have them see it later on DVD (when you can skip or mute certain parts at your discretion).

Use of 3 curse words and 1 inappropriate word at the very end done in subtitles (ie. the oldest profession). If your little shopaholic can't read, then the last part might not be such a big deal.

Overall, I thought the movie was funny, sparkly and made me really want to go shopping for stupid things I don't need. I'll give it one thumb up. ;o)

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