Friday, February 20, 2009

Review: Bible Story Songs

Ever notice how many of today's Bible music CD's for children are, for the most part, just plain silly? I have and find it somewhat irritating.

Now, I know my students in my Shabbat school class dearly love dancing and singing along to "Father Abraham". But do they understand who Abraham was through that song? No. But they have mastered the art of spinning in a circle without getting too dizzy!

See what I mean? The music is entertaining, but it lacks depth and purpose.

Well, lo and behold, there is a company that aims to teach children about important Biblical figures and events through the use of music. Without the silly factor. Enter Bible Story Songs!

Bible Story Songs offers a line of music CD's that actually walk children through Scripture (not verse by verse, but more like a timeline). For example, here is a partial track list from the CD we reviewed: Moses Volume 1-The First 80 Years;
  • More and Mightier
  • Four Hundred Years
  • The Midwives Feared Jehovah
  • God is Watching Over You
  • Oh, Lord! Care For My Brother
  • We'll Call Him Moses
  • You Must Ne'er Forget
  • Educated in Egyptian Ways
  • Id Rather be With the People of God
  • The Ballad of Moses in Midian
  • The Burning Bush
  • I AM That I AM
As you can see, the listener is taken through the life of Moses in a clear, methodical (and melodious) way. You don't usually get that with traditional Christian children's CD's! Again, "Father Abraham's" great fun, but it doesn't *teach* children anything. Except how to balance on one foot while kicking the other, and spinning in a circle. ;o)

These CD's would be great enhancement to several homeschool curricula, especially those that require the use of a timeline for history. In addition, these CD's would be useful in Sunday or Shabbat school classrooms, Awana Club meetings, etc.

The music, sung by children to piano accompaniment, I would say is geared toward the 7 years of age and younger crowd. While older children would benefit from the music as a learning tool, you may be hard pressed to get them to listen. At least, that's what I discovered with my own three.

After giving the CD a fair listen, and pleasantly noting the chronological order of the songs, they all felt it'd be well suited for preschool-aged children. Not them. (Sigh. I tried.)

Bible Story Songs are available for $9.99 each. Money-saving CD Bundles are also available in 2-6 CD formats.

Coordinating sheet music, coloring books, puzzle sheets and overhead transparencies are alsoavailable here.

And for those of you who like the satisfaction of immediate download, the mp3 versions of these titles can be found on iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.

I personally think the idea behind these CD's is genius. Music itself is such a powerful teaching tool. To be able to harness that power, and reach children with the truth of Scripture--and not some cutesy song--is amazing. I admire the effort and creativity that went into producing these charming CD's, and am proud to recommend them.

I give Bible Story Songs two delighted thumbs up! :o)

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