Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Review: WriteShop Story Builders

What a neat little idea!

StoryBuilders by WriteShop, takes the groaning and moaning out of reluctant little writers. With these handy cards, children can create their own stories--from silly to serious--without the struggle of having to create a story from scratch.

StoryBuilders serves as a handy writing prompt to spark creativity in your child's writing process. Each printable set of cards (on your choice of colored or plain cardstock) provide the following elements:
  • Character
  • Character trait
  • Plot
  • Setting
Students then use the cards--one or more from each catagory--to build a story. Game ideas are included in each E-book, as well as suggestions for writing based on age.

We decided to use the cards as a "round robin" game. The kids went around the table selecting one card from each pile, then built the story together, out loud, giggling massively the whole time.

Needless to say, we had one INSANE story on our hands in a matter of minutes! :o)

StoryBuilders contain 192 cards and are available in World of Animals, World of People and Christmas Mini-Builder, which contains 42 cards. We received both The World of People and Christmas sets for the purpose of this review.

Both Worlds of Animals and World of People are on sale for $7.95 and Christmas Mini-Builder is on sale for $3.95 through

I highly recommend StoryBuilders to any household with less-than-thrilled writers, and for those who seem to suffer from writer's block.

These e-books are great for children of all ages and grade levels, and are versatile enough that you can use them anywhere--waiting at the doctor's office, in the car on a long trip--not just at the table during language arts!

The price can't be beat, as it's both non-consumable and can be used by multiple grade levels.

Our family give StoryBuilders by WriteShop two happy thumbs up! :o)

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Rachel said...

Sounds good. My kids love writing stories but sometimes I would like them to expand what they are writing about.


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