Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Review: Generations of Virtue

I never thought I'd be at a loss when it came to talking to my daughter about the changes puberty would soon bring. However, as that time rapidly approached, I started to feel very inadequate and ill-prepared.

Back when I was in school, all of us girls were forced to watch an embarrassing film. This film not only covered periods and our pending bodily changes, but also what happens to the boys (Yuck). That was definitely information I really could've done without, thank you very much. To add more insult to injury, we were then given a sample pack of pads to take home. (Double yuck)

Therefore it's no big surprise why I felt the way I did, as my oldest daughter hit the magical age of 12. (Which is THE year in our family. Ahem) I began researching books and websites to find something--anything--that would help me teach not only the facts, but would also encourage a commitment to purity.

And that was when I found the Generations of Virtue website.

Generations of Virtue "is a non-profit, volunteer-driven ministry that equips parents to empower their kids for purity in our world today. We work closely with parents and teens as we provide them with classic and cutting-edge resources to fight the battle for purity." They offer several products for both boys and girls, as well as parents.

Their motto is "Purity of Heart*Purity of Mind*Purity of Body". It doesn't get any better than that!

As part of the TOS Crew we received the 3-book set, "Beautifully Made!" for review.

The Beautifully Made! series is written by the founders of Generations of Virtue (various women and teenagers), and edited by Julie Hiramine. These booklets are designed to help guide girls and their mothers along the exciting road from girlhood to womanhood, from a Biblical perspective.

Book One, "Approaching Womanhood" is recommended for girls 8-12 years old. This book primarily discusses body changes leading up to your daughter's first period. Information about hygiene, skin care, purchasing their first bra, and body image are also presented.

Book Two, "Celebrating Womanhood" is to be given to your daughter at the start of her first period. This booklet again covers the use of pads but also includes information on tampons. Chapters devoted to PMS and natural ways to alleviate its effects (and here I thought it was with a can of Pepsi in one hand, and a Reese's in the other!), and an interesting passage on The Symbolism of Blood (*) round out this delicately crafted booklet.

Book Three is just for us Moms, and is called "Wisdom From a Woman--A Mother's Guide". This is the resource I wish I'd had a few years back! It would've made this area far less stressful for me. ;o) In this book, Mothers are given advice on everything from celebration ideas, "when" to have the talk, mood swings (theirs, not ours--hee hee), and even tips to encourage Dads during this time.

The Beautifully Made! series is a well-written, gentle, informative, and profoundly Biblical resource that I highly recommend to fellow mothers. Even if you aren't as skittish as I was when it comes to "talkin' puberty", these 43-65 page booklets provide solid information and will encourage you to see this as a time of celebration, not dread.

* A brief note about the chapter called, "The Symbolism of Blood" found in Book Two. I agreed with what the author had to say about the cleansing power of Christ's blood, and how as women we are intimately connected to Him through our ability to nurture life within our wombs. However, there are portions of this chapter that I thought were a bit of a stretch.

While these booklets are written from a Biblical perspective, they are meant to be read together--with your daughter. My advice is to read Book Two thoroughly before giving it to your Girlie, in case you find the above references inappropriate or unnecessary.

You can purchase the Beautifully Made! series through Generations of for only $18.99. And now for a limited time, you can receive free shipping by entering coupon code: 1xship2009 at checkout.

Take a moment to visit Generations of today and take a look at all their valuable resources. If you're looking for tools to help equip and encourage your tween's and teen's desire to maintain their purity, this is the place to be!

We give Generations of Virtue and the Beautifully Made! series 2 thumbs up! :o)

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