Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our Top 12 Favorite Review Products

Well, it's been an exciting year! The maiden voyage of the TOS Crew has come to an end, and I have to say that it's been MORE than fun.

The blessings I've received as part of the Crew are many; I've "met" some of the most fabulous ladies (and solitary gentleman!) around, received dozens of amazing products, polished my writing and blogging skills, and have experienced inner growth as a home educator.

The review process has taught me and my children how to evaluate a product from all angles; not simply dismissing it as "boring" based on looks or subject matter. I've been able to further witness the dramatic learning differences between my three children, and have discovered more of their "hearts"--or rather, the interests and desires of their hearts from an academic perspective.

I cannot thank The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) magazine enough for this golden opportunity. Without them, none of this would have ever been possible. I was shocked to learn I'd been accepted the first time around (I honestly didn't think I'd get picked), but was completely and utterly floored when I was asked to stay aboard for another year!

(Yes, my devoted minions readers. I'll be back with more reviews in the fall! Yippee!)

In honor of our time spent with the Crew, I'd like to share our Top 12 (because everyone chooses 10) Favorite Products this past year. This list was primarily composed by my children, with my favorites thrown in for extra spice. ;o)

In no particular order, the winners are....(Drum roll, please.....)

  1. Further Up & Farther In: Chronicles of Narnia unit study from Cadron Creek (*Abby/me)
  2. One Year Adventure Novel  from Clearwater Press (*Sierra/me)
  3.  (*Ethan/Abby/me)
  4. Let's Make a Webpage E-book from Motherboard Books (*Sierra/me)
  5. All About Spelling curriculum  and All About Homophones E-book  from All About (*Ethan/me)
  6. Crayola Art Studio CD Rom from Core Learning (*Sierra/Ethan/Abby)
  7. Schleich Action Figures by Schleich Toys (*Sierra/Ethan/Abby)
  8. Prima Latina  from Memoria Press (*Ethan/Abby/me)
  9. First Start French from Memoria Press (*Abby)
  10. Nativity Playset /Noah's Ark Playset from (*Sierra/Ethan/Abby/Shabbat school class)
  11. The Little Man in the Map book  from Schoolside Press (*Ethan/Abby/me)
  12. Times Tales from Trigger Memory Systems (*Ethan/Abby/me)
Honorable mention goes to....
  1. The Latin Road to English Grammar by Schola Publications (*Sierra/me)

There you have it; our favorite products of the year! Although 95% of all the products were great-to-excellent, these were our absolute "topsies".

Thank you all for reading my reviews and I look forward to serving you again in the fall. Have a fabulous summer, and may your homeschools be filled with adventure and joy!

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