Friday, April 10, 2009

Passover Seder Pics

What a lovely time to be had! This year's seder was combined with two other congregations here in Lynnwood.

We met over at Cypress Community Church (very close to my parent's house!), and although the building itself was relatively small, the space was *packed*. I don't know exactly how many there were in attendance, but we were expecting up to 200 people. (I think we came pretty close!)

The food was delicious (even though some clearly didn't get the "no leaven" memo! Ha ha!), the people were friendly, the dancing glorious, and the Seder itself was perfect. :o)

Here are some pics (taken by my camera-happy husband). Enjoy!

Pastor David and Sheila
No wine, yet I've already got a death-grip on my chair!
Our lovely dancers
Little Victoria and her Daddy
What do you think? Should my son get his hair cut? Yes/No?
It's only juice, girls. Honest!


Rachel said...

In response to your question: yes, but he does look cute with longish hair.

Mrs. White said...

Denise, I have a new computer now. Email me!!
Mrs. S. White


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