Monday, June 22, 2009

6th Photo Game

I've been tagged by Jennifer over at Homegrown
With this game you go to your Photo files, click on your 6th folder and open the 6th photo in that file. Now post it and tell the story about the photo. Easy!

This photo was taken back in 2005 at our friend Mike's daughter's Sakara's birthday party at some roller skating rink. I wasn't here for the party (I was in a KY hospital with my sister who was on life support at the time), but I can tell you this was my children's first time roller skating. At the time of this photo, Abby was almost 5 (in front), Sierra was 9 and Ethan was 6.

I tag the following blog buddies:

Tiffani, Tina, Sharon and Desi. :o)


Mrs. White said...

What is 'tagged'???

Mrs. White

HomeGrownMommy said...

So glad you played along!! Such a little sweetie you have!


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