Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preparing to Set Sail!

The second voyage of the TOS Crew is about to begin! The new 100 reviewers have been selected, my 4 Mentorees have been determined, and I'm proud to announce they are:

The Powers-That-Be are putting the final touches onto everything (no easy job, I'm sure!), and we'll ready to "leave port" in July. ;o) (Yes, it's still technically summer. We're just startin' a bit earlier than expected. *Grins*)

I'll post my first review of the year (for the fabulous new TOS Schoolhouse Planner!) in the next few weeks.

My final pressing thought of the day...what do to get hubby for Father's Day????? I'm lookin' for cheap, thoughtful, and oh yes, cheap!


Heidi said...

Denise~ I like how you think - cheap, thoughtful, and CHEAP! We got Brian a t-shirt at the NY convention (but we gave it to him already - how sentimental is that?!) LOL

Mrs. White said...

Denise, I am wondering what to get my husband too.... How do we make our husbands and the fathers of our children feel appreciated without using much money?
Mrs. White


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