Monday, June 1, 2009

Computer Game Warning: Side Effects May Include Better Spelling!

It's no secret; spelling has always been a struggle for my son. (Gets it from his father, but we won't get into that now...)

Yes, he's been doing better, thanks to the All About Spelling program we've been using in our homeschool, but he still hates it. So much so, that he melts into a frustrated glob of lime green boy-ooze when I utter those 3 evil words: "Sound it out".

Yet to my astonished amusement, it seems Ethan's learned to spell on his own!

By typing virtual conversations between him and his "friends" on ToonTown, Club Penguin, or, he's managed to hone his spelling skills in ways that a workbook or "learning game" couldn't touch.

Which makes me wonder... As a homeschooling mother, should I be offended????? ;o)

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Luke Holzmann said...

Don't be offended at all. This is homeschooling at its best: Using the tools that work, even if they are "non-standard" [smile]. It sounds to me like he found a great place where practicing his spelling not only matters--so others can understand him more easily--but is also fun.

Good stuff.



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