Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dancing Thoughts

I love watching the program, "So You Think You Can Dance". It takes me back to my dancing days, which I deeply miss. Even though it would take a team of robotic engineers to get me to move as those dancers do, I still find myself dancing in my mind.

I remember the feeling of stepping onto the stage, and reveling in the smoothness of the floor beneath my feet. The heat of the lights enveloping me, the careful measuring of my breath. The joy that comes from bringing life to the choreographer's vision--while nervously hoping that I'm able to carry that vision successfully into the hearts of the audience. Will they understand? Will they be moved? Will they be inspired?

Now I get to enjoy watching others perform, carefully critiquing each piece and allowing myself to "go there" in my mind. It thrills me to see such marvelous opportunites such as this show, presented to today's dancers. Where was this program back in 1982-1994? I would've been sooooo into it! I may have even auditioned for it, who knows? Oh well.

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