Friday, June 19, 2009

Dress Rehearsal

Today is the dress rehearsal for Abby's ballet recital. We're all so very excited! Our little dance studio has been through a lot this past year, but I'm confident that both the rehearsal and tomorrow's performance will go off without a hitch.

This year, she and her classmates are dancing to Marche Militaire by Schubert. The program as a whole, is titled "Divertimento". Their costumes are lovely teal blue "ice skater" type dresses, with sparkly embellishments along the bodice and hem of the skirt. I'll post pictures later, as she's not allowed to wear her costume until dress rehearsal, lest a jewel comes off or something. Oh, and they also get to wear a beautiful matching beaded, bejeweled crown!

I've been asked to be the "Dressing Room Monitoring Mommy", so it's my job to be sure that none of the girls *eat* or *drink* anything, lest they spill on themselves. I have to make sure they don't leave their respected area, run around the building, get dirty, make sure they warm up and stretch...that sort of thing. Hopefully everything will go well, and it should considering most of the Moms will be backstage with me. ;o)

Oh, I can hardly wait! This is just soooo exciting!

One minor "issue". This year, Abby has to wear full make up, including mascara...which she's *never* worn! I'm sure you can see where this is going, right? Trying to put on mascara for the first time--without blinking and thus, turning yourself into a raccoon--is pretty tricky! Add the stress of being "perfect" for the stage, and you've got all the ingredients for a potential cosmetic disaster. Say a prayer for us!!! :o)

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