Sunday, August 2, 2009

This 'n That 'n Then Some

Dean's slowly getting better. He's been pushing it this past week, doing things he *knows* he shouldn't be doing, but can I tell him to stop? Noooo! Because that would make me a grumpy nag. So when he does these things and only ends up in more pain, I keep my "I told you so's" to myself. Sort of. For the most part.

But his doc released him to go back to work on Monday. We'll see how that goes! I think it may be best to just do half-days for the first week. Hopefully his boss will allow it, should it become necessary.

In other exciting news, my sweet friend Tiffany and her family are flying in today from NY!! I haven't seen them in years! We've been friends since we were 12 years old. We've got more "dirt" on each other than we care to admit, therefore we have to remain friends. Because the ramifications would simply be too catastrophic for words! (Hee hee)

We've been friends through the trials and tribulations of middle/high school, crushes on Corey Haim/Poison/Motley Crue/Lost Boys, psycho boyfriends, marriages, divorces, pregnancies, child rearing, stretch marks, raising teenagers, and the dreaded "30th" birthday.

Anyway, she and her adorable family are in town for her sister's wedding. Yup! Baby sister Danielle's getting hitched. (Woohoo!) But really, it feels totally weird considering I remember her as the bratty (albeit cute) little thing we used to lock out of Tiff's bedroom whenever I'd spend the night. (She was 4, we were 12. Do the math.) But then she'd run upstairs and cry to her parents, then we'd have to let her in because "Daddy said so!"

Danielle's got tons of dirt on us, too. That's why we're nice to her now and graciously welcome her into our rooms homes. :o)

Speaking of the wedding...what's the first word that pops into a woman's mind after she reads a wedding invitation?

"Diet" right? Right. (Second only to "WhattheheckamIgonnawear?")

This past month, I've been trying to behave (whatever that means) so I won't embarrass myself at said wedding. Which happens to be on Friday. Less than a week from now. (Gulp!!!)

I figured I had this thing in the bag, so to speak. I'm broke and can't afford little treats for myself, which made it super easy to cultivate an air of superior willpower. Yes, siree...I was feeling pretty darn dandy about myself. (Think "fat head.")

So it should come as no surprise that my Mom--sweetheart and saboteur that she is--deposited the Holy Grail of temptation upon my kitchen counter last night. A luscious German chocolate cake.

Ahem. So much for that diet!

Looks like I'll have to wear one of the kids' tents instead of the long, narrow dress I had originally planned on wearing. But on the plus side, the tents are quite colorful so as to distract from the gigantic "swath" of my hips! (Boom, ba ba boom, ba ba boom, ba ba...)  That is, if we go. Dean can't drive. And neither can I.

In work related news, things are picking up over at Vala. Woohoo! My uber-riffic boss, Rebecca's got tons of neat little writing projects lined up for me. Everything from making Facebook quizzes (check it out!) to interviews, they've been keeping me busy...and I LOVE every minute of it. :)

Speaking of busy...the homeschool product reviews are getting underway! If you check out the handy side bar up at the top, you'll see a list of all the reviews I've got lined up.

Oh! One last thing. There's a young man by the name of Adam in my Shabbat school class. This kid's a bonafide genius, let me tell ya! Anyway, he made Dean a really neat "get well" present. Check it out here. (Seriously...this kid's scary-smart!) I can't even draw a stick figure and he's off'll see.

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