Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Changed Perspective

Over the past few months, my relationship with Vala Dancewear has changed. While I still help out in the office as needed, I'm now responsible for writing several different pieces for their newsletters and soon-to-be-unveiled blog.

This amazing opportunity has fused together my two greatest passions--writing and ballet--into one neat little package, tied up with a big, fluffy pink bow! :)

Through the combined genius of my boss, Rebecca and her amazing daughter, Rachel I've been given golden opportunities to write about a variety of things surrounding the dance world. Everything from interviews with ballerinas, to delving deep into the history of The Nutcracker. Their creative ideas keep me both busy and very, very happy.

Rebecca and Rachel have a far richer perspective of the dance world than I have. Their passion and vision for Vala is contagious. Allowing myself to embrace that vision and find my own way to move within it, has caused me to understand something very significant about myself, which is this...

Even though I no longer dance, I still have something to share. Granted, this "sharing" may not be in the form of perfectly executed fouettes, or a flawless character interpretation. Yet it is still a form of personal art newly revised; an art that compliments the vision of two dynamic ladies, which in turn helps further their own artistic pursuits.

Just as a choreographer sets a dancer in motion, so have the "Vala Divas" caused me once again to move, breathe, and express emotion within the confines of a bright new theater. I am truly blessed...

A few additional bonuses worth mentioning:
 1) At Vala, I no longer worry about what I ate before going to"work" and
 2) My feet remain cute 'n sandal-worthy. Ha! :o)

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