Sunday, November 1, 2009

College Prep Genius: Part One (aka Product Overview)

Instead of a formal review, the good folks over at College Prep Genius have asked that we--the TOS Homeschool Crew-- write an initial product overview, followed by a more detailed review in the coming weeks. So, without further ado, it is my extreme pleasure to present: College Prep Genius: Part One.

College Prep Genius is "The No Brainer Way to SAT Success". The course is designed to teach students "the hidden strategies, profiles and patterns" presented in the SAT which will:

  • Eliminate testing anxiety
  • Substantially raise test scores
  • Improve their chances of obtaining scholarships

The program consists of a textbook, workbook, and 4 disc "Master the Class" DVD set, shown below.

Packed full of practice problems, acronyms and logic strategies, College Prep Genius teaches you everything from writing an essay in 15 minutes, to answering higher math problems without ever using a calculator (an aspect I'm most curious about!).

In addition, program creator Jean Burke (a homeschooling mom of 2 college grads--each receiving huge scholarships) offers a variety of free articles on her website such as:

  • 13 Common Myths of the SAT (my personal favorite!)
  • Nailing the College Interview
  • The Differences Between the SAT and PSAT
  • To CLEP or Not To CLEP, and more.
College Prep Genius is currently available for $79, a savings of 30%.

I'm really looking forward to using this product with Sierra. (Even though to be perfectly honest, I never took the PSAT/SAT myself.) In fact, I was amazed at the timing of its arrival. I was just discussing with my husband about preparing her for high school and college when, lo and behold, this ditty of a program arrived. Neat, huh?

I'll be back in a few weeks with my formal review! :o)

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