Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: StudyPod

When we first received this doohickey in the mail, I pretty much dismissed it as a "nice idea, in theory." It looked nice enough, borderline chic really, but I just couldn't believe its claims of helping a student "finish their work faster" and be the ultimate book holder. Nope. That wasn't happening. (I'm a born skeptic, what can I say?)

I placed it on my oldest's desk and said, "Here ya go." "What is it?" she asked, turning it over in her hands. She then gave me a quizzical look as she read, "Study...Pod? Seriously?" (Clearly, she's a born skeptic, too.)

I explained what it was designed to do, showing her the little enclosed instruction sheet. She shrugged, made some lunch, then set up the StudyPod on the kitchen table with her paperback-of-the-day, and read...and read...

"Hmm..." said I, "We may be onto something!"

StudyPod by Genio Products is a sturdy, compact, plastic book holder that's actually shaped like a book (portability? Check!).

Designed to prevent having to place heavy objects on your book pages in order to make 'em lay flat (we all know what that's like!), the StudyPod holds virtually any sized book at a comfortable eye level, freeing your hands to write, type, or--in Sierra's case--eat. The StudyPod also eliminates the aggravating neck/middle-of-your-shoulders pain that comes from hunching over a book for longer than two minutes at a time.

The StudyPod also contains a nifty, removable left-side pocket to hold essential study items like pencils, pens, iPod, cell phone, or calculator. On the right is a small, printed rectangle containing inspirational quotes and factoids. (The only bummer here is the fact that the writing is too small for me to read without my eyes going buggy...)

We tested the StudyPod with several different sized books and were pleased with the results. The handy invention successfully held our dinky paperbacks, beefy hardbacks, brick-like Bibles, and flimsy magazines with incredible ease. It even held the oversized books I've been using for work purposes without buckling under the weight! (Something I was sure would happen.)

Page-turning with the StudyPod was a bit tricky at first. Although the video demo below explains how to do this with one hand, I'm partial to the ol' two-handed approach. (Ditto with Sierra!) Ethan and Abby however, found that the one-handed approach worked just fine for them.

StudyPod is available in black, blue, and pink and retails for $19.95 or $16.95 for two or more. As a special bonus to Crew review readers, you can take $5 off your order by entering coupon code: TOSBLOG5 at checkout.

If those colors don't suit you, check out the BookPod (same thing, just marketed as a book-reading tool vs. a study tool), which is available in black, gray, or beige. (We received the black StudyPod, despite my preference for all things pink. Not that I'm complaining...just stating as a matter-of-fact. Ahem.)

The one solitary "con" to this product (per Sierra), is the fact that it leaves slight indentations on the book's pages as it holds it in place. Sierra's of the "keep my books pristine" mentality, and therefore felt that little aspect deserved mentioning in the review. I don't believe the indentations are permanent but rather a temporary "blemish" on an otherwise perfect page. However, depending how long your book was held open (like a week or more on the same page?), it *could potentially* be permanent.

Our family loves the StudyPod and proudly awards it two thumbs up! :)

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