Friday, September 25, 2009

Sierra -- Da Cake Boss!

Ain't it a beauty? Here's my baby girl's second official class cake! Although she made another one for the family (as well as many others over the years), this one is her latest creation through her Wilton 1 Cake Decorating class, and the one she's most proud far. :)

(By the way, she made the most incredible homemade frosting EVER! That stuff is dangerously tempting and I for one, cannot resist its powerful, hypnotic pull.)

Due to her success, she's been since dubbed The Cake Boss of the family. She's now in charge of all birthday cakes from here on out! :)

Ethan's already got his request in for a Lord of the Rings cake for his 11th birthday in November. Sierra laughed and said she'll write, "Happy Birthday, my Precious!" across the top. Ha ha!


Mrs. White said...

I love it!!!

Mrs. White

Rachel said...

LOL at Sierra's comment. What a sister. Beautiful cake! Awesome!


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