Thursday, October 1, 2009

Darn You, Snuggie!

You just had to come out with a pink version AFTER my youngest daughter purchased the red one a few months back. The only reason she bought the red one was because there was NO pink!

Well... what should her little eyes spy last night whilst wandering about Walgreen's?

Oh yeah. A pink-Snuggie-in-a-Box!!!


Do you not get how disasterous it is to our family when Pookie's upset? Do you feel even slightly apologetic for the wild tempest you unleashed?

Well, let me tell you. You should! Because it was UGLY! Ugly I tell you!

Tears--real crocodile tears!--welled in her big brown eyes over the shock and indignation of it all.

By the way? Pookie + tears = bad day!

Therefore, I'm officially mad at you Mr. Snuggie and Company. Or Mrs. Snuggie...whatever.

Next time, kindly place a warning label on your site that clearly states that OTHER COLORS will be coming forthwith and therfore, one should not opt to purchase their most preferred over their least favorite colors offered.

Thank you.

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