Saturday, November 21, 2009

Longing for Brains and Focus

Ok, so that's an odd blog post title, but I really do wish I possessed these qualities in spades, especially when it comes to blogging. Allow me to explain.

During the last few hours, I've stumbled upon several really neat blogs like this one, and I'm now wishing I was smart enough to keep a blog focused on one specific topic or topicS per day.

Take for example, blogs that host a new Meme each day of the week. (Do you know I actually had to Google "What is a Meme?" when I first heard the term? Seriously embarrassing.) Anyway, as I was saying, these bloggers write about one specific theme each day and everyone jumps on their bandwagon because they're cool, too. Then there's me.

I've tried to participate in such things in the past and failed miserably. Why? Because I'm just not a focused blogger by any means. Perhaps that's because I'm not really a focused person??? Hmm. Now there's a thought! In all honesty, my thoughts fly about so randomly, I can easily drive myself nuts. In fact, Dean says that I "speak fluent ding bat". Humph. Only a few people can follow my conversations as I shift gears at lightening speed, and of course, those people happen to be in my immediate family. Oh well.

Where was I? Oh yes. A creatively focused blog! Duh.

Perhaps if I was passionate about ONE solitary thing, that would make it easier? Then again, I could easily have one blog dedicated to homeschooling, another to chai and chocolate, and still another to ballet. But I don't. Cuz that would confuse me.

Yet there remains a part of me that would love to have that kind of focus and intelligence oozing from my keyboard. What about you???? How do you keep focused, or do you simply maintain more than one blog? And for all my fellow unfocused types, do you ever "wish" upon a blog too, or am I the only lame-o?


Rachel said...

Although I enjoy blogs that are more focused, I for one like the randomness of my own blog. Maybe someday, in the future, when my children are grown, I'll be focused but for now, I'm fine. I did start a separate blog for my papercrafting but I don't post often on it. I just don't have the time or energy to spend on keeping up on it regularly.

I like your blog just the way it is. (But I would still read it if it was more focused as well.)

Mrs. White said...

Denise, don't worry. That feeling will pass. Just keep writing whatever you want. The variety is great!

Mrs. White


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