Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nutcracker Revisited--At Last; I Hope!

Ahh, The Nutcracker...!

The singular ballet Abby has been pining to see since the wee age of three. Back then if you asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, she'd always reply very sincerely, "A pink ballerina!" (Emphasis on the pink!)

Now, thanks to the generosity of my charming boss Rebecca, her lovely daughter Rachel, and Pacific Northwest Ballet, Dean and I will be taking Abby and Julianah to see The Nutcracker next weekend. Hooray! This will be the girls' first ballet performance. (Abby technically has been to a dress rehearsal for Swan Lake, which was super-cool, but doesn't "count" in her book as a performance. Ahem.)

This is also a real treat for me, as I haven't seen PNB's Nutcracker since way back 1993, when Patricia Barker was still a Principal with the company. (Do the math.) The girls are already trying to decide what they're going to wear (as am I--ahem!) and saving their pennies to buy something extra special from the PNB gift shop. (They both have their hearts set on a pair of autographed pointe shoes from either Carla Korbes or Kaori Nakamura!) It will certainly prove to be a glorious night to remember, provided no one gets sick.

Now, why would that thought be a consideration you may ask? Well, I'll gladly tell you! It's because Dean came down with some sort of bug today, ushered in on the wings of a fever and a pale face and lips. Charming!

After his shower, I got him all tucked back into bed, soothing him with encouraging words like "get some rest" and "I hope you feel better quickly." I then leaned over and whispered in my most loving wifey voice, "By the way, if you make me or Abby sick to where we have to miss Nutcracker, I will fry you in beer batter and serve you with chips!" *Kiss on the forehead* "Love you!" :)

So, as I was saying...the girlies and I've been given a most wonderful gift that, come disease or storm of night, we shall enjoy to the fullest next Saturday evening.

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