Monday, November 16, 2009

Party Pics

It was another loud, wild 'n crazy party here yesterday. Ethan's an official 11 year old (plus 10 days), and wanted a Lord of the Rings theme this year...

This is the special Lord of the Rings cake Sierra made for the party. The "ring" is actually rice crispies covered in yellow fondant. She then wrote "Happy Birthday" in Runes in edible black marker. Very cool!

Here's Fernando, all dressed up in his party finery! (Outfit courtesy of Abby and Victoria...and Build a Bear Workshop. Ahem.) He went through a series of wardrobe changes before he finally got fed up and chewed the last outfit (pink velour jacket and matching skirt) off.

Lindsey and Rachel arrived! We haven't seen Miss Lindsey in a little over a year. She was truly a welcome addition to the Zoo. :)

See here? Not even cat-lovers like Oystein can resist my baby boy. :) (Note the pink velour jacket lying next to Fernando!)

Here comes the cake! Get ready to sing, everybody! Gee, can you tell he was excited or what?

Once the singing was over, it was insisted that Ethan take a large bite of the rice crispy ring! He said it tasted good, as did Dean who snuck a bite later. :)

Some photo opps are just too cute to pass up! Here's Ej and Elijah, doing what they do best--enjoying each other's company. :) Ethan refers to Elijah as his "pretend little brother" and Elijah refers to Ethan as his "best friend". Tooooo cute!

Sierra, wearing her new trademark black hat, enjoying the fruits of her labor. (Her t-shirt reads "National Sarcasm Society: Like We Really Need Your Support." It reminds me of an old keychain I used to wear on a necklace at her age that read:"I was put on this earth to make your life miserable." Sarcasm runs deep in this family. Ahem.)

Present time! He received items from his 4 Favorite Food Groups: Nintendo, Legos, Blockbuster, and Lord of the Rings.!

Ethan was really surprised by Nathan's gift. The two had recently attended a homeschool group outing to Game Workshop in the mall.

They painted their own LOTR action figure, which of course Ej dearly loved. So, the Boe family decided to pay for him to take the 4-week class with his best friend, Nathan. Thanks, you guys! :)

This is probably the coolest looking LOTR cards I've ever seen. Rachel Boe made it from simple craft paper and a photo from the internet. It looks fantastic!

Awesome Blockbuster gift card, courtesy of Adam! Hmm...movies or games? What a dilemma.

Sierra loves "Miss" Ahviana-Elise! Then again, who can blame her?

Obviously not Lindsey! They both had to get some smootches from the little darling! :)

Nicholas (from taekwondo) and Adam (from church)

Thanks for coming, everyone! See you next time!

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Rachel said...

I love that picture of Elijah and Ethan. Too cute!


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