Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Review: Amazing Bible Timeline

*As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a free copy of the Amazing Bible Timeline for the purpose of this review. My review is based on my personal opinion only. No additional compensation was received.*

The Amazing Bible Timeline is a gigantic 37" x 45" poster covering 6,000 years of historical data and information. It differs from other timelines I've seen in that it is circular and reads in a clockwise motion, incorporates 4 bold colors, and breaks time into 100 year chunks. The timeline not only covers Biblical history*, but throws elements of world history into the mix as well.

Its printed on sturdy card stock (more durable than poster paper), and coated with a clear, protective varnish.

From the website:

  • See Bible and World History together - the research across multiple cultures and books has been done for you
  • Understand the Bible better by seeing everything organized in one view
  • Know when key people or events happened
  • Visualize the rise and fall of nations, the history of man at a glance

When you purchase the Amazing Bible Timeline you'll also receive 2 bonus gifts: the digital version of the Timeline, access to Interactive Maps of the Holy Land, and the Genealogy of Jesus in pdf format.

My Opinion:

Going back to the part of it being Biblical History--which it does contain--I must stress that there are some elements of Mormonism incorporated into their "facts" as well. Now, this may or may not be a concern to you based on your own religious beliefs, but I did note more than one reference to the Book of Mormon on this timeline.

The timeline is produced by a Mormon family, and they do offer 2 versions of the timeline--one for LDS and one for non-LDS families. I did technically receive the non-LDS version, but like I said, there were a few mentions of it scattered throughout.

The other aspect of the timeline that concerned me had nothing to do with religion, but rather to the way it's set up. The print is really small and very hard for someone (who is blind as a bat) like me to see. Then again, if I wasn't so stubborn and actually wore glasses, then it probably wouldn't be a problem.

And yes, I do realize that if it was written in a larger font, then it would be even BIGGER, which would be highly impractical. (Let's be honest; in order to accommodate my eyeballs, it would have to be the size of a movie screen! :) )

The timeline is packed full of information, which left me feeling a bit overwhelmed just by looking at it. But again, I do realize that cramming 6,000 years worth of history onto any size sheet is bound to look "busy" when its finished.

I don't mean to sound like I hated the timeline as a whole; not at all. I did appreciate many aspects of the Amazing Bible Timeline, like the fact that it allowed the children and I to see how different events overlapped during the course of history. My children also enjoyed scanning the various dates and "pop quizzing" each other, and following the genealogy of Jesus with their fingertips. (And their initial reaction to the timeline when I unrolled it from the shipping tube was priceless: "WHOA! That thing is HUGE!")

The Amazing Bible Timeline with free bonuses is available through their website (click here) for $29.97.

To discover what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about it, please click here.

Overall, I appreciate what the good folks at the Amazing Bible Timeline are trying to do with their product. However, I personally don't recommend it for non-LDS families unless they're willing and able to look past the few Mormon references sprinkled throughout the chart.

With that in mind, I award the Amazing Bible Timeline 1 thumb up. :)

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