Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review: We R Fun Inc.-- Life on the Farm Board Game

Generally speaking, my children love games. Not necessarily board games, but every now 'n then they get in the mood for a round of Monopoly or something similar. More often than not however, their gaming is limited to the Wii variety. Ahem.

I'm always on the lookout for something new to engage their brains; something that will not only teach but provide a quality entertainment as well.

We R Fun Inc. produces the board game Life On The Farm. The game's creators, real life 3rd generation dairy farmer, Keith Gohl and his sister Ev Johnson designed the game to give us city slickers a taste of what life was really like down on the family farm.

In Life On The Farm, "you race against your neighbors to buy more cows, and your income and your expenses grow as fast as your herd does! Collect your 'Milk-Check' when you pass the barn - market values can change with each roll of the dice! This game is filled with authentic family farm life experiences, yet it is easy to understand and play. A real family game - it was designed so ages 8 to 108 can easily play together, comfortably! First to "Retire" wins!"

Players start out with $10,000 and no cows. As you go around the board, cows are purchased from the Cattle Auction at $500 a head. The goal is to run your farm--complete with various expenses, mishaps (like say, having to slaughter ol' Bessie, or help a neighbor round up a few wayward heifers), paying taxes--better than the others so you can eventually retire at the end with 60 cows. (There's also a shorter version of game play where you only need 30 cows.)

I was very impressed by the quality of this game. Everything from the game board, to the detail of the pieces (including little cows on the money!), to finally the sturdiness of the box itself was great. And while the game is touted as being fast-paced, it really does take awhile to finish. Sort of like Monopoly. (A game I never could sit through, as I grew bored with it too quickly.)

Equally impressive was the fact that it actually *teaches you* a lot about farming--the good and the unpleasant. While I admit I've never really put much thought into it, it was rather interesting. (My previous thoughts went something like this: "Gallons of milk come from stores. Milk comes from cows. Happy cows come from California.")

With all that said, I have to be honest and say that my children and I just aren't that into farming. Or cows. We don't even participate in 4-H. Therefore, despite the business aspect of the game--which is really neat--I can't see my brood reaching for it very often. They played a round of it to "test it" but got bored with it after awhile.

Life On The Farm is available for $25 directly from We R Fun Inc as well as A preschool version (with NO reading required) is also available for $20. Please click here for more information.

We give Life On The Farm 1 thumb up. :)

*As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received a free copy of the above game for review. No additional compensation was provided and my opinions are strictly my own.*

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