Wednesday, December 9, 2009

'Firm Believers' lose a friend - Life & Style -

'Firm Believers' lose a friend - Life & Style -

Way back in the year 1992, my sister and I learned of a brand-new exercise video series called, The FIRM. They were repeatedly advertised in Shape Magazine which Desi had a subscription to at the time. (This was back when it was actually worth reading!)

These babies were sold for an astounding $49.95 each (for VHS! Hello?!) but were touted as being worth every single penny. Unable to afford more than one (which I had to save some serious babysitting cash to buy), Desi and I would often rent them Blockbuster. We were hooked! Sometimes we'd even perform the workouts twice in a row! (Yeah, we were stupid. And sore.) But we didn't care. We loved them!

I remember pouring over their catalog (that used to come with the videos), wishing I could afford every single one. We didn't have the money to buy their 14 inch step, so we improvised and used an ottoman (which was about 14 inches high) and a step-stool that was closer to 17 inches high. (Where there's a will to workout, the Dooley girls found a way!) I eventually wore a serious "groove" into that ottoman. (Oops. Sorry, Daddy!)

A few years later, the FIRM workouts helped us regain our figures--and our sanity--following the births of our children. I now own over 20 FIRM tapes/dvd's and have used several more courtesy of the library (not sure how many Desi's got). While we no longer use them exclusively (Seriously, what would the world be like without Jillian Michaels?), they continue to inspire and kick our butts.

Which brings me to my main point: I learned today that Anna Benson, the co-creator of The FIRM, passed away just a few weeks ago from cancer. (Cancer sucks.) Although I never met the woman personally, I appreciate what she's done for the fitness industry and I'm even more thankful for what her workouts have done for me personally. I realize this is probably one of the cornier posts I've done but it's my blog--I have a headache--I'm tired--and I'm nauseated--so I'll do whatever I want.

Thank you and farewell, Ms. Benson. May you rest in peace....


Mrs. White said...

Denise, I remember when these first came out too. I bought my first video and loved it. I also remember those catalogs and wishing I could afford everything in there!

How sad that she died, but I am so grateful for her work in creating those amazing videos.

The only thing is I already had children when they first came out, so I must be much older than you! (smiles)

Unknown said...

Mrs. White,
You're not *that* much older than me. I was introduced to them during my junior year of high school-about 16 yrs old. :) I think we're only 4-5 years or so apart in age.


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