Saturday, January 30, 2010

Culture Shock (Or The Kids Visit a High School)

On Friday night, we took Sierra to a local high school basketball game. This excursion was facilitated through her Youth Group, which was partnering with another ministry team.

She and her fellow "groupies" decorated T-shirts to wear while they cheered the home team on to victory, and were highly encouraged to wear as much blue/white (the school colors) as possible. Sierra, who's never one to miss an opportunity to get extra funky, streaked part of her hair with Atomic Turquoise Blue dye for the occasion. ;)

We arrived at the high school just after 7pm. The parking lot was already pretty full, and we really had no clue where we were. All we knew for sure was that we were meeting in the gym, and this school was/is HUGE--over 1,500 students on a sprawling campus.

Found the gym--yeah! (Note to self: follow the noise!) As we headed in, I turned to Ethan and Abby and said, "You know, I think this might be the high school you guys would go to if you went to public school."

Abby stopped cold, mid-stride and asked in a panicky voice, "Do I have to?!"

Man, that was great. :)  I laughingly replied, "No, silly! Sheesh!" At that moment, we were enveloped by a throng of students and parents. We could hear wild cheering and yelling already coming from the gym. The band was tuning up. It was your typical high school game! :) It really brought back all sorts of memories for me...some good, some less than stellar. But all of it made me think to myself, "Man I'm glad that time in my life is over!" :)

As we dropped Sierra off and made our way out of the building, Abby mumbled "Get me outta here!"

Oh, and Ethan and Sierra's reaction? Well, Ethan kinda liked the whole crowd vibe. (He's like his father.) Sierra on the other hand said, " was really big. And really loud. And yeah. Really loud!"

Okay, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad. ;)

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