Friday, January 8, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

Okee dokee, ladies! Here we go! It's time to report our first weekly success story! (Insert falling confetti here) For those of you who may have just arrived and are scratching your pretty little heads in confusion, please click here. This will take you to the original Fit Mommy post which describes the program or meme in detail. :)

Checking In:
This week actually didn't go as well as I'd hoped. It started out great but on Wednesday I kinda flung my way through my workout. I woke up feeling incredibly tired and just didn't have the energy to really give it my all. (Sigh) I kinda made up for it in the form of the extra cardio like I'd planned (hooray!), but still felt like a wimp. (Oops! No shame. Forgot about that. Ahem) :)

I did pretty good with my nutritional goals, though. Hooray! I was able to stay away from junk food, remember to take my supplements, and really upped my water intake. In fact, I upped it so much that I kinda got sick of it by Thursday night. (LOL) However, I realize that it's good for me so I'll keep it up. Ditto with the supplements. Junk food's debatable. Kidding.

So were you able to meet all your goals? Sign the Mr. Linky below and share your success stories!


homeschool101 said...

Ok, I am not participating this week however I did just sign up to participate. Lol. I left you a comment on your other post. Lol.

Very inspiring this is and O this will be a fun ride. Lol. I am really excited. Thanks for the motivation and encouraging words.

God Bless you!

Annie Kate said...

Denise, I went walking today only because of this meme. Thank you for the encouragement!

Annie Kate

tamara said...

Well, I just signed up and should introduce myself. My name is Tamara and I am a hsing mom of 3. Came across your blog and thought this was a great idea to keep me thank you! As for my progress this week. Exercised 30+ min. each day, ate well and within my caloric budget, and eliminated coffee. All of this resulted in a very moody and unpleasant me:( Grrr...I really hope the feeling of deprivation is soon replaced with happiness and motivation. Maybe one I see actual changes in my body?!?!


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