Monday, January 11, 2010

Fit Mommy Goals for the Week

My goals for this week aren't very different from last week's. I'd like to add more cardio (this time going for 2 additional rounds on the bike instead of 1) for 30 mins each session and continue with the zero junk food which is oh-so-hard for me. I'm truly a girl who loves her carbs!

But I figure if I can avoid junk food over the next 30 days, I'll have reached a serious milestone! LOL :)

Then once I succeed, I'll be rewarding myself with a huge slab of chocolate cake that's oozing with caloric decadence.


This week may prove especially tough as I feel as though I'm coming down with my husband's cold bug. (Charming) However, I'm determined to do all I can to make it to Friday's official "success" post. Sometimes sheer will power is just what the doctor ordered!

For a bit of additional encouragement and motivation, I'm sharing a link to an interesting article that explains the connection between stress and weight gain. (Emotional eating, anyone? Yeah. Me, too.) I found the info especially timely and thought perhaps others would as well.

*Fit Mommy participants, be sure to post your goals for the week if you haven't already done so. :) *


Michelle Smith said...

This was an interesting article. Can you believe that I actually caught myself while thinking about all that I had to do this week absent-mindedly cutting myself a small slice of brownie. I stopped myself, realized that I really didn't want that brownie. I was just wanting more energy and stamina for my week's and day's activities. I put that slice back! One small victory--and a realization where some of those extra calories are sneaking into my diet. ;)

Unknown said...


I find myself doing that *all* the time! It's disturbing how the moment I get stressed or overwhelmed, I reach for something sweet. Like that's really going to make me feel better in the long run, right? ;)

Glad you enjoyed the article and were able to "step away from that brownie!" :)


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