Sunday, January 31, 2010

Girl's Day Out (Oh yeah. And I "worked" too!)

Today I had the esteemed privilage of accompanying fellow Vala Divas, Rebecca and Rachel, to Seattle Dance Project's "Project 3" at ACT Theatre. (Formal review to follow.)

Oh my goodness, I had so much fun! The theatre was so beautiful--I had no idea it held so many different stages. And our seats were perfect--third row center. :) I had no trouble viewing the dancers, whatsoever. (Which is really saying something because, as everyone knows, my eyesight is horrible.) I settled back in my plushy seat and prepared to take plenty of notes. You know, I really have to pinch myself sometimes over how blessed I am to have the job that I do. It really is amazing. (And my co-workers are pretty darn spectacular, too!)

Following the show we all felt a bit hungry, so we headed to PCC for a scrumptious lunch/early dinner. Rachel, the little sweetie, had her heart set on finding me a new chai to drink. As I've previously whined about profusely mentioned, I'm on a chai fast until I find a tasty form that doesn't contain milk. (Milk and I do not get along. At all.)

I picked up a box of Vanilla Oregon Chai to mix with my soy or almond milk. She and Rebecca bought me a little box of Rice Dream's Chocolate Chai flavored rice milk, which according to Rachel is for those times when I "need to slam something quick!" :)  Did I mention how much I adore this girl?

We all sat back and enjoyed our little meal (tuna salad sandwich for Rachel and I...Rebecca had...something else. Hmm.) while "talking shop". What's more is that I felt surprisingly perky, considering the very little sleep I got last night. (Dean watching TV in bed 'til after 1am, daughter's sleepover/giggling 'til after 2am, dog barfing at 6:30 am, nephew's phone call at 7:30am...Yawn)

All said and done, it was a great day and I'm very glad to have spent it with two of the best, most glamorous divas out there! Thanks, ladies!! xoxo

PS: Oh yes. It was really nice running into Olivier Wevers again, too! ;)

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