Thursday, January 28, 2010

Just Another Day in the Life

Some people think I have it all together. Gee, if only you could hear my daughter's hysterical laughter at that statement.

But to be honest, I get a good chuckle out of it, too. :) Because I clearly *don't* have it all together, nor will I ever on this side of humanity. So I decided to give you all a glimpse into my day. This will serve as proof that I do not have it all together, nor should you ever-- in a bizillion years--think that I do.

Now, just to forewarn you, my life's pretty boring. You may want to secure a jumbo size cup of coffee before you begin reading. :)

Oh yes. One last thing. Dean's hours have changed so I now get up at....

6:45 AM: After forcing my legs to stand, which are still quite sore from the previous day's workout, I make my way out of the bedroom. I grab 2 fresh towels from the linen closet (these are for Dean), turn off the security alarm, start Dean's coffee, then head into the bathroom to wash up.

6:58 AM: Now it's time to wake Dean up, who by no means "gets up" when I first tell him to. He prefers to roll around and groan until 7:10am. By then I'm rolling him--literally--out of bed, and making the bed as I go. It's quite comical, actually. :)

7:12 AM: Dean's in the shower. The bed is made. Time to feed and let out the dogs! From now until Dean gets out of the shower, I scan my To Do List which is usually written out the night before. If I think of something to add to it, which in this case I do (we're out of dish soap, dog food and almond milk), I take care of that now. Then I fire up my email and check to see if anything majorly important came in overnight.

7:30 AM: Dean leaves for work. After changing into my workout clothes, it's time for me to hit the "gym" (aka: the living room). On this day, I did an oldie but goody--The Firm Volume 1 w/ Susan Harris.!

8:35 AM: Workout is officially over. Time to hobble my way to the shower. Ugh...

9:00 AM: It's time to print out the day's homeschool lessons. It's also time to get my work day started! I throw a load of laundry in, check the email, edit then post this week's Featured Member column on the TOS Crew's Facebook fan page (Try saying that ten times fast!), and finally--eat breakfast.

9:30 AM: Ok, kids. Time to get up. Like it or not. I whip up the last of the eggs for their breakfast and hustle them along. We have to go to the store and I've got a lot of writing to accomplish. Chop chop!

10 AM: The kids are either eating, brushing their teeth, or cleaning their room. I'm still trying to light a fire under them as they're still kinda d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g themselves along. Very frustrating.

Meanwhile, I throw another load of laundry in, and try to call my sister. Today is my nephew's 11th birthday. She doesn't answer. Figures. Oh well. I'll wash up the breakfast dishes instead.

10:20 AM: My mother emails me and asks if I'd forward her some recent job postings. For some reason, her work's network is blocking access. Imagine that! ;) I pull those together and send them along. "Hey, are you guys ready to head to the store yet?"

10:30 AM: I finish writing up a little press release for Dance Retailer News. I then shoot this over to Rebecca, my amazingly fabulous boss, via email.

10:45 AM: After threatening my oldest with "If you're not ready by the time I am, you're staying home and babysitting your siblings", we're finally heading out. :) First stop--Albertsons, then Trader Joe's. (They're in the same strip mall.) Then finally, the pet store to pick up a bag of dog food. It's a nice, brisk 4 block walk. Invigorating really, given the chill in the air.

11:30 AM: Finally, home at last! Whew! Ok, back to work, everyone! Ethan and Abby begin their Latin, math, and typing assignments; Sierra works on her One Year Adventure Novel, Traditional Logic, typing and math. We also begin reviewing a new graphics program, courtesy of the TOS Crew. It looks pretty cool! I'm impressed as are the kids.

12:28 PM: Lunch break. I eat mine at my desk. Because I can. That and I'm hammering out what I hope will be the final draft of my article on Edward Gorey. I'm too picky for my own good sometimes. (Sigh) Then I have to work on the Summer Intensives series. I'll upload both the Gorey article (gee, that sounds odd) and the summer piece as drafts to the Vala blog later today.

12:42 PM: Second attempt at calling sister. I figure by now, my nephew should be home from school. They're on the east coast. Unfortunately, there's still no answer. Fine. Be that way. I also check over Ethan and Abby's assignments. So far, so good! :) I then assign everyone their respected chores to complete once their lessons are done. Back to work...

1:12 PM: Chores! Woohoo! Everyone's busy cleaning something: bathroom, bedrooms, dishes, sweeping, garbage, dusting, putting away the laundry...

1:35 PM: "Yes, Ethan and Abby, you can now play the Wii..." Sierra occupies herself with Sorority Life on Facebook or something like that. I'm still writing the summer intensive piece. Didn't like the previous draft. It sounded funny. I'm also simultaneously checking and replying to the 23 emails that are waiting for me. Gee, I'm popular today! :)

I then place a call and leave subsequent message with the Jillana School and New Mexico Dancewear. I'm hoping to pick their brains regarding the summer intensive series. I also make a note to work on my blog disclosure policy, per helpful reminder from a dear friend of mine. ;)

2 PM: Finally made my last revision to the summer intensive piece and tucked it away as a draft on the blog. Ditto Edward Gorey. Whew! Now it's time to get a few TOS Crew reviews drafted up!

3:20 PM: Dean will be home from work soon, so it's time for me to freshen up! :) I also time to pull the kids off their computers and games. They've dinked around long enough.

3:28 PM: Daddy's home! A quick hello, how are you, how was your day? Then he's off to the pharmacy to drop off his Rx (that he forgot to do on the way home). I stay behind to wait for his computer repair client--who is due to show up by 4pm. Yikes! Good thing Walgreens is close by!

3:50 PM: Dean's back home. It's time for Abby to eat a little something before getting ready for ballet class. She's going to try the Level IV class this evening and is very excited! :)

4 PM: Dean's client has arrived. Time for me to feed the dogs. Oops. I should've done that at 3pm! Now they're starving and looking at me like, "Gee, thanks a lot MOM!" Once I'm done with that, I go back over my To Do List to see what else I'm forgetting.

Sierra comes up to me and asks if I have a plain white T-shirt she can have for tonight's Youth Group. Apparently they're going to be painting said shirts in preparation for cheering on the local high school basketball team on Friday. I don't have any plain white shirts. :( Nor is there time to get one. Youth Group is tonight from 7-9pm. Sorry, sweets!

4:15 PM: Time to do Abby's hair. Nothing like winding 3 feet of hair into a bun! (Ok, maybe 3 feet's a bit of an exaggeration. But not by much!)

5-6 PM: I sit and watch Abby take class. I love watching her dance! It brings back so many fond memories for me. :)

6:20 PM: Back home and it's time to start supper. Tonight's feature here at Cafe` Opper--chicken stir fry, courtesy of Trader Joe's. Sierra picked it out, so she'd better eat it.

6:37 PM: Arguing with Sierra over her supper. I want her to eat before she goes to Youth Group. She insists she's full from her little fruit cup which she ate at 4pm. or don't go. Your choice. (She finishes 13 minutes later.)

7-9 PM: Youth Group. Now it's time for me to kick back, relax, and read some of the library books I have waiting for me. :)

9:10 PM: Sierra's home. Her leader picked up white T-shirts for everyone from the thrift store. Hooray! Problem solved. Wait...wasn't I forgetting something...???

*Gasp* I never did get a hold of my nephew to wish him a happy birthday! UGH! Too late to call now. (Huge sigh) I also never got around to that disclosure policy. (Ahem) Oh well! Add it to the list for tomorrow.
Right now, I'm going to watch an episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter with Dean before crashing. You know, I've never noticed how Dog's hair reminds me of one of those fancy folded napkins. You know what I'm talking about, right?  One of these..... 

10:45 PM: Time for bed. G'night world. See you tomorrow....


Mrs. White said...

I loved reading this!! I hope you write one of these once a week!! (smiles)

Oh, and that Firm tape is my absolute favorite.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Just reading that made me tired. lol! I like seeing into the days of other moms. **grin**


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