Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DayBook Entry

FOR TODAY February 16, 2010...

Outside my window... well it was all nice 'n sunny. Let Fernando out to do his business when suddenly a torrential downpour enveloped my house. :/  If you don't like the weather in Washington, wait a minute. It'll change! LOL

I am thinking... Oh, gee where to begin!? Well, I'm thinking about:
  • The stack of review items that need my attention today. (Ahem)
  • I probably should've done more during today's workout; 65 mins on the bike feels as though I wimped out.
  • Dean's grandma who's dying of cancer
  • How much I hate cancer
  • How my youngest laughs like I do. Poor kid.
  • I forgot to pick up a bottle of Drain-O and my tub is yelling at me for it.
  • I'd like to watch a movie tonight but there's nothing I want to see.
  • I would really love to move to downtown Seattle or at least spend more time there.
  • How different my life is from how I originally envisioned it. Not in a bad way, just stating a fact.
  • How today's Fat Tuesday and I'm feeling right at home with that moniker! Ha ha!

I am thankful for... my clean, cozy home and the three healthy children in it. :)

From the learning rooms... Uhh, that would be nothing. We're waiting for a friend to come over and play so we've shelved the school work for the day. (Ahem) We shall resume tomorrow though. :) Much to my children's dismay...

From the kitchen... Tonight we'll have lasagne, garlic bread and salad (if I don't forget to p/u more salad dressing).

I am wearing... Jeans, cute floral top with a sweater, and slippers.

I am creating... Hmm. Would it be bad if I said nothing?

I am going... to stay home today. No wait. Thing 1 and Thing 2 have taekwondo tonight. Oops. Forgot!

I am reading... nothing at the moment. I just finished a book by Jane Porter and the new Sophie Kinsella. :) I wish my favorite authors wrote as fast as I read...(sigh)

I am hoping... that I can somehow manage to lose 5 lbs by my birthday. Maybe even 10! :D On a more serious note, I'm hoping that when Dean's grandma passes it will be both peaceful and pain free.

I am hearing... my children laughing in the next room, the hum of the dryer (love doing laundry--seriously!), and the sound of the street cleaner/sweeper truck outside. Oh, and of course my last two brain cells bouncing around inside my head trying desperately to form a thought...

Around the house... too much junk! I'm having a "Everything looks awful!" kind of day. I also have to find a way to organize all this homeschool stuff. (Fellow TOS Crew members, please feel free to sound off!)

One of my favorite things... Listening to music and dancing. I may not look as polished as I used to, but I still have fun. :)

A few plans for the rest of the week... Same ol' things: ballet, taekwondo, youth group, Sierra's overnighter at a friend's house, church, and repeat! (Less the overnighter...)

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is me with my youngest daughter, Abby. This is the same pic I posted up on Facebook last night, but I figured since all you readers aren't on FB, I'd share it here as well. :) Aren't I thoughtful?

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