Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Preparing for a Busy Weekend

We have some serious shopping and errand running to do tonight. I hate "big" shopping as the length of the receipt and the "grand total" always makes me feel a bit sick. But it has to be done because...

This Friday (just two short days from now), Dean will be flying to CA to visit his grandmother, Lyndy. She's been undergoing treatment for cancer and is now under hospice care. :(  He will leave around 5pm to make his 8pm flight. He won't return until Monday afternoon, which means I'll be all alone wallowing in self pity holding down the fort until then.

Also around that same 5 o'clock hour, my mother will be here to pick up my children and take them back to her place. Why? Because I'm going to review PNB's The Sleeping Beauty at 7:30pm in downtown Seattle.

I'm really looking forward to this performance. The Rose Adagio is one of my all-time favorites! And there's just something about hearing those first few notes of the Waltz that immediately puts me in my "happy place". :)  It's a lengthy ballet, too. I won't be home 'til after 11pm.

Then Saturday's church, provided my children are healthy enough by then. I can't have them coughing, sneezing and sputtering their germs all over the place.Yuck!

On Sunday I'm hosting a little jewelry party for our friends, Ken and Trish. (He's simply known as "Necklace Man" on Facebook! :) ) If you're in the area that day or need an excuse to get away from the Super Bowl, come on over! The party starts at 1pm. 

Now. Do you see why tonight's shopping trip is so imperative?

I'm just hoping and praying all goes well for Dean in CA. That and nothing major happens here while he's gone. I mean, aside from my usual "Woe is me, I'm all alone!!!" dramatics.

I may have to squeeze in some extra workouts to keep my mind occupied, as well as have a bunch of friends over to visit. Hey, if you're reading this, consider yourself invited! :)

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