Monday, February 22, 2010

Review: Math Mammoth (Revisited)

As you may recall, I reviewed products from Math Mammoth during last year's TOS Crew. This year, I was privileged to get another chance to review even more products from this great publisher/vendor! :)

Math Mammoth offers a plethora of downloadable worktexts designed for multiple grade levels. This year, we received Introduction to Fractions, Division 2, and Grade 5 Complete Worktext.

Introduction to Fractions and Division 2 worktexts are from the Blue Series. This worktext series focuses on a few specific topics per book. It's perfect to use as a supplement to your current math program or as a brush-up for struggling learners. Because it's a worktext, it provides both detailed explanations as well as plenty of practice problems.

Introduction to Fractions {75 pages} is appropriate for approx. grades 1-4 and is available for only $4.00. It covers basic fractional parts using lots of visuals (primarily in the form of pie charts and bar graphs), adding/subtracting like fractions, mixed numbers with like fractional parts and more.

I used this worktext with Ethan and Abby who both seemed to really enjoy it. At times Abby felt a bit overwhelmed, but once we went over (and over) the problems together very slowly (sometimes using our own visuals such as candy!), she picked up on it just fine. :) Ethan's a total math lover, so he was totally jazzed about the whole adding/subtracting fractions thing. (He does not get that from me, folks.) He hardly needed any help from Mom!

Division 2 {77 pages} is appropriate for grade 4 and up. It is available for only $5.00. This worktext covers the dreaded (at least around here!) long division and remainders, as well as using 2 digit divisors.

I used this worktext with my oldest daughter who, despite her 7th/8th grade status, struggles with math like yours truly. (Ahem) While I admit to never using long division anymore, there was something quite satisfying for me as a kid when I finally mastered that tricky concept. (Okay, so it was tricky to me. Moving on!)

What I really appreciated about this program was the abundance of explanation from several different angles. It seems that Maria Miller, author of Math Mammoth, took the time to adjust her teaching to reach a variety of learning styles. For example, some concepts were explained very well for Sierra--she completed the lesson, no problem. While others made perfect sense to me, but not her. In the end, she gained a better grasp of division while I learned new ways of teaching her. Win-win situation! :)

Grade 5 Parts A/B from the Light Blue Series {Part A: 163 pages; Part B: 218 pages}. The Grade 5 curriculum consists of 2 worktexts that comprise an entire year's worth of lessons. The two parts available for $29.70. I used this program with Sierra in conjunction with Division 2. This two-part worktext program covers a wide range of topics including:
  • Multi-digit multiplication and long division
  • Decimals
  • Fractions
  • Geometry (which Sierra totally freaked out over)
  • Fractions and a whole lot more!
This program offers a tremendous value for your hard-earned dollar. You can print the lessons as you go or print the entire e-book all at once. You can also reuse it with your other students. I love it when that happens! And like the other Math Mammoth products, the super-thorough explanations make the lessons simple and effective to use and teach.

The curriculum is also abounding in internet links, listed at the beginning of each chapter. These websites are great for further enrichment and provide a fun little break/recess.

Overall, I was extremely impressed once again with the quality, support, and ease-of-use-factor of Math Mammoth. I highly recommend this curriculum! I've said it before and I'll say it again...I give Math Mammoth two woolly thumbs up! (Hee hee!! Yeah, I know it's bad but I love it...!)

Oh yes. And as an added bonus, Math Mammoth also offers free placement tests for your student to take prior to ordering. (Incredibly handy!) Plus you can download a beefy sample pack of lessons to look over as well. Click here for more information.

To learn what my fellow Crew Mates had to say about this neat-o product, please click here.

(*As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was provided with 1 free copy of each product listed for the purpose of this review. No additional compensation was provided and my opinions are strictly my own.*)


Debra said...

Even people who are total math lovers struggle with long division. At least I know I did, and so far all my math-loving kids have too. It is a tricky concept, with lots of steps.

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