Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Review: Math Tutor DVD - Young Minds

Move over, Sesame Street! There's a new kid on the block!

The Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD from is a charming, technicolor delight for today's preschoolers.

The "four and under" crowd will learn numbers 1-10 while enjoying a selection of richly colored photos, kid-friendly narration, and short video and sound clips--all wrapped up with a big, Classical music bow!

And when I say "kid-friendly" I mean it's actually narrated by a child. Not a baby-talking child, but an older sounding child of about 6 years of age. (Think "big brother/sister" teaching little bro/sis how to count.)

In addition to pictures with numbered objects, there are also connect-the-dots and scenes of puzzles being put together.

My favorite photo in this program was the purple space transition before learning number two (very cool vibrant purple swirly on black!). Oh, yes. And the baby lambs. Can there be anything cuter than a lamb? I'm not fond of the jets or cars or trucks, but those would be great for little boys. But honestly, a lot of these photos would make great posters for a child's bedroom or school room. They're that good!

I also really liked the fact that it incorporates Classical music into the mix. I personally enjoy listening to the Classical radio station during our homeschool time as it's both soothing and is great for brain development. So not only does your little one learn his/her numbers, but the DVD could also double as soothing "background" noise before naptime! :)

In addition to my praise and accolades, Numbers and Counting as earned Creative Child Magazine's 2009 Top Choice Award, Dr. Toy's 10 Best Audio-Video Award, and winner of the PTPA Media Award. :) Not too shabby, eh?

The Young Minds Numbers and Counting DVD is available for $19.99. You can also check out a short video clip featured below. (Be sure to pay close attention to the purple space transition! It's sooo pretty!)

I heartily give this product two thumbs up! :)

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