Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling (Apologia Press)

For some weird reason, I never read, nor felt inclined to read the original version of The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling. Call it pride, stubbornness...stupidity, perhaps? But I just felt I had enough information at my fingertips via the Internet and veteran homeschooling friends that I didn't need such a guide. That and I'm just too darn cool for such things.

Well, pride indeed goeth before a fall. (Ahem!) I'd been feeling a bit hungry to read something "homeschool mom-ish" when what should arrive in my mailbox? The newly revised Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling. (The Lord, He has a sense of humor, yes? ;) )

Published by Apologia (the well-known, widely-popular Science curriculum provider) as part of their newly expanded ministry, Debra Bell's Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling is a super-nifty resource I'm totally amazed by.

For starters, I had no idea this baby was packed so full of worthy information {500 + pages!}--for the newbie as well as those who've trudged this path for awhile. :) As I sat on the couch devouring each page, I mentally kicked myself for not reading it sooner. I mean, if it was this helpful to me 8 years into the game, imagine how much I -- and my children -- would've benefited back in the early days! (Doh!)

The revised edition beautifully covers all the ins and outs of the home education trade such as:

  • The advantages (and challenges!) of homeschooling
  • Single parents, special needs, careers, etc.
  • Homeschooling on a tight budget
  • Organization and planning
  • Support groups and friendships
  • Homeschooling teens (Hello!)
  • Measuring achievement and success
  • Using the Internet as an educational resource (Google, anyone?)
  • Preventing Burnout! ( personal favorite)
  • plus a whole lot more!
I think this book should be automatically given to every parent who takes the homeschool plunge. Seriously! Just stuff it in a goody bag and off they go! :) Wouldn't that be neat?

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling costs just $20 and is available by clicking here. This is a decent price considering the wealth of info you receive! Still not convinced? Check out the sample chapter Six Ingredients of a Successful Home School here.

Obviously, I was a total bonehead for not checking this resource out sooner. Not only does it provide rock solid information and useful tips, but it also comes from a very "you don't have to be perfect to do this" approach, which I appreciated. If something comes across as being too preachy (for lack of a better term), I immediately dismiss it. But the author is far from Mrs. Super Homeschool Mom and readily admits to her humanity. :)

I'm thoroughly impressed and thank Debra Bell and Apologia profusely. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling gets two Snoopy dancing thumbs up! :)

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*As part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review. No additional compensation was provided and the opinions expressed are completely my own.*

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