Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day (Or...I finally got to hang out downtown!)

Valentine's Day this year was especially nice. Not only did I receive my standard dozen red roses (courtesy of the UPS driver and FTD floral), but we also went out to lunch in Seattle. Something we (as in "me") never do.

Okay, allow me to back up a bit. Last week, Dean was talking about "Mama's", a little Mexican place he'd visited several months back. Now I'm a total enchilada lover, so I felt supremely slighted that I'd never eaten at this highly praised establishment. In an effort to redeem himself, Dean decided we should visit Seattle's oldest Mexican restaurant on Valentine's Day.

While we were perusing Mama's website (to get the address), we had a good chuckle over their Elvis Room. I honestly adore Elvis but when Dean asked (in jest) if I'd like to sit in there, I replied "Nope! I'm good!" :) (Can you see where this is going?)

We made our way downtown (zero traffic--yeah!) and parked in the Warwick Hotel's garage. Then we walked (with me, wearing high heeled boots--ooh, la la!) the few blocks over to Mama's.

The weather was a bit crisp--but when you're wearing a dress, it often feels that way. (Ahem) I loved just being downtown. It feels completely different from my suburban neck of the woods. In fact if I could afford it, I'd love to move back there. But I digress.

We made it to the restaurant and as we walked in, I could almost taste the enchiladas...

Mama's is great little place just bursting with charm and character. The cashier's desk had a little bowl of mints with a spoon for serving. The sign above the bowl read: "Use the spoon or we'll use a knife!" (See? Charming!) The host asked if we'd like to sit in general dining or have some privacy. "Privacy would be nice," Dean replied. So our host, decked in jeans and a leather vest, escorted us around the corner to---you guessed it--the Elvis Room. :)

I never knew such a place existed outside of Graceland. But it was quite interesting, especially with all the previous customer's napkin drawings pinned to the walls. Some were actually quite good while others...well...let's just say they didn't do Mr. Presley justice.

Our waitress was very nice, and was probably one of only 2 people I've ever met that actually looked nice wearing a nose ring. (I'm not being funny, I really mean that. She was adorable!) And the food---oh my gosh, the food! In a word--yummy! I didn't order an enchilada though. I decided to embrace my adventurous side and have a burrito. ;o)

Dean ordered a strawberry margarita with his meal (consisting of a hurkin', gigantic burrito), which I had an obligatory sip of. (Gag...) If I can taste the tequila, it's gross. Dean however, thought it rather delightful. :)

The only thing this place lacked that would've made this near-perfect moment complete was some Elvis music. I mean really..Elvis room...and maybe 2-3 different CD's playing? None of which were Elvis? Kinda odd. But whatever. Not my restaurant.

Oh, and of course being in this room inspired an entreprenurial spark in Dean's head. He said if he ever owned a restaurant, he'd "totally have a Jerry (Garcia) room". "Think of it," he said between bites of burrito, "Dead Heads from all over the world would come to eat there! It'd be so cool!" I just kept nodding while shoveling bites of gooey, cheesy burrito in my mouth and thinking, "Greaaat, dear. Ugh..."

After stuffing ourselves, we decided to dink around town a bit before heading back home. We came across Macy's and, after noting neither of us had been there, decided to check it out. And wow, oh wow, what a dazzling retail display awaited us!

I'm sure I must've been in there before, but the memories had since evaporated from my mind. I loved the marble stairs leading down to the sales floor, and the Ladies, if you're ever in town, you've got to check those suckers out! I'm not trying to be gross, but seriously it was the nicest, poshest, most perfectly girly bathroom I'd ever seen! (Note to self: If you're this excited over a bathroom, you seriously have to get out of the house more.)

The stalls are all former dressing rooms so they're nicely sized and have their own counter and mirror (no sink)! The sink area though was HUGE---tons of sinks, mirrors, bright lights--even a spacious, plushy seating area for chatting or nursing a baby. Whatever. Oh and a scale. A scale!! Gosh, it was nice...Anyhoooo!!

I scored a new green turtleneck and picked up 2 other shirts for Sierra, all less than $5 each on clearance. Woohooo!!! Then we left to dink around inside Camera's West for a bit, but alas didn't find anything purchase-worthy. And just as Cinderella's trip to the ball ended, it was then time to head back home. (Sigh......)

Actually, our timing could've have been any better. Just as we were pulling out of the garage, it started to sprinkle. By the time we'd made it to the freeway entrance (just a few blocks away) it started pouring! (Gotta love that Washington weather! LOL)

Oh, wait! One last thing. We drove/walked by this super neat, uber-swanky condo that I decided I could be quite happy living in. Check it out here.

It was a wonderful, spectacular day and I'm so glad we got to share it together. It felt so nice to just be "grown ups" for a few hours, relaxing and enjoying one another's company. I hope we can do it more often. (Yes, Dean if you're reading this, that was a direct hint. Hee hee)

How was your Valentine's day???? Did you do anything special? Leave a comment and tell me all about it.

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Rachel said...

I loved reading about your day with your husband! It is so much fun to be one on one with our own man and doesn't happen often enough, IMO!

There's a big difference between us though-I do NOT ever want to live downtown. I will go downtown but it isn't my most favorite thing in the world. I am a suburban girl through and through!


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