Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daybook Entry

For Today... March 17, 2010

Outside my window... with my luck, probably more rain and wind! I don't know how the rest of the world is marveling over the signs of Spring when it still looks like Autumn over here in Washington. {Sigh} So unfair...

I am thinking... that I really hope Dean's cortisone injections later today (in his neck) actually help ease his constant pain. :o/ What was the point of that $80k surgery anyway??? I forget.

I am thankful for... the coupons and double-coupons I have for cereal, sitting on my counter just waiting to be redeemed later today! (0.59/each for 4 boxes of cereal?! Hello!)

From the kitchen... I'm thinking tonight's supper will be that WanChai Ferry Sweet 'n Sour Chicken. We've got a busy night with both ballet and Youth Group, and that's a super-fast meal to make. ;o)

I am wearing... I'm actually still in my workout clothes. {Ahem} Shorts, tank top, sneakers...sweaty ponytail...ick. I'm gross.

I am creating... a extremely lengthy To Do List filled with TOS Crew reviews, book reviews, blog tours, and Vala assignments/ideas PLUS another list consisting of things I still have to do to prepare for Abby's birthday on Friday. Like say, buy her a present and bake her cake! {Ahem}

I am going... to buy more chai later. I've decided I deserve it. :o)

I am reading... A few books for review; "An Absence So Great" by Jane Kirkpatrick and..hmm..there's another one but I can't think of the title at the moment. Oops! And two more books from the library that count as "brain candy".

I am hoping... to get as much work done today as possible. Wish me luck, as I'm already procrastinating obviously. :o/ And I'm also hoping no one decides to give me a St. Patty's Day pinch. I'll have to pinch back this time.

I am remembering...that today only comes around once. Make it count.

I am hearing... little birdies chirping outside my window. And I'm sure I'll soon hear the sounds of my children waking up for the day.

Around the house... I have tons of "detail" cleaning I'd like to accomplish like walls, baseboards, ceiling corners, vacuuming under beds. That sort of thing.

From the learning rooms... Well, being that today's St. Patrick's Day, I suppose an impromptu lesson about said "saint" would be appropriate. As well as discussing a few other traditions and historical aspects of Ireland. This would be in addition to our usual list of subjects, of course. ;o]

One of my favorite things... seeking out new curriculum to use in our homeschool! I'm such a curriculum junkie, it's disgusting! ;o] My latest favorite is the new Monarch online program through Alpha Omega. Have you seen it? It looks soooo cool!

Pondering these words... "When is Passover again?!" {Gulp} I'd better get movin'!

A few plans for the rest of the week.... Well, we've got friends coming over to play on Thursday, ballet and taekwondo classes for the kids, Abby's 10th birthday on Friday, I'm going to Pacific Northwest Ballet on Saturday to review 3 By Dove, and Abby's birthday party is on Sunday morning at Chuck E. Cheese's. Whew!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... This is me, having a bad hair day. :o)

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Cheryl Henderson said...

This is my first experience with a Daybook entry. It's very interesting and I love your answers.

Regarding your husband's back issues, have you tried alternative therapies like acupuncture? I've heard it can be more effective than the medication in some cases. Just a thought ...


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