Friday, March 5, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday

Well, this past week left much to be desired.

In my defense, I've been sicker than a dog since Sunday. Therefore, I didn't do--or feel like doing--anything outside of the absolute necessary (like showering or caring for my children--one of whom was sick like his Momma).

My head felt like it's been clogged with cement and pounded with vicious force every time I tried to think, move or breathe. Because of that joy, I didn't get in a single, stinkin' workout this week. {Sigh} And as you're all well aware, getting back on that train's always hardest after being sick. Which means next week is gonna be rough! :o/

On the bright side, illness always destroys my appetite so I've managed to drop a few pounds (hooray!). Too bad it was mostly water weight, which means I'll gain it back with my first bowl of cereal. :o/ (Boo!)

Please tell me the rest of you precious ladies had a better week than I did! I'm already dreading Monday morning's workout. This past week (or rather, the past two weeks I should say!) reminds me of a saying we had back in my ballet days:

If a dancer misses one class, no one notices.
If a dancer misses two classes, she notices.
If a dancer misses three classes, EVERYONE notices!

Let's just say I've missed more than three classes....(gulp!)

So, tell me; how did your week treat you? Were you able to keep yourself in check? Or did you succumb to illness like me?

On a much more somber note, our fellow Fit Mommy, Heidi S. is grieving the loss of her best friend, Sue. This precious lady passed away this morning from cancer. If you get a moment, please stop by and give Heidi a big cyber hug. I'm sure she'd appreciate it. :(


Debra said...

I'm sorry you've been so sick. It is miserable to get back into things after an illness. :(

Lisa said...

Sounds like lots of people had a rough week. I hope you and the kids feel much better soon.

Praying for Heidi.

Lisa @ the Wyldhousehomestead

homeschool101 said...

So sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you get to feeling better. Next week I hope will be a better week for you. ;)

Annie Kate said...

I hope you soon feel well. Being a sick mommy is no fun.


Annie Kate

*~*~* Tracy said...

I'm so sorry you've been sick. I hope you're feeling better soon!


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