Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Abby!

Today is a big day here in the Opper house. My youngest is officially 10 years old! Happy Birthday, Abby!!

As you can see from her pictures, Abby's always been a funny little girl. When she was born she, "Shot out like a greased grape!" according to her Daddy, and arrived with a big splash. Literally. As in, splashed everyone--including her Daddy who was positioned near my shoulder--with her amniotic fluid. "Ta-dahhhhh!" she seemed to say, as she swooshed out into the world. Ready or not (and believe me, after less than an hour of labor, I was definitely NOT ready!), here she comes!

Our little Pookie wants nothing more than to be a ballerina. (Talk about a girl after my own heart.--Wink) It's all she talks about (that and dogs), and practices her steps constantly. At the rate she's going, I have no doubts whatsoever that her dream will come true.

I'm so proud and honored to be this little girl's mommy. Of all my children, she's the most like me in personality. Her mannerisms (sucking in her lips when she's concentrating, crying when she's angry), expressions (including her dirty looks), likes (Reese's, chai), dislikes (veggies, fruit)---all me. (With a dash of her daddy's weirdness thrown in for spice.)

She melts my heart to watch her dance, and she's so darn silly sometimes you can't help but laugh. :) We often refer to her naive musings as "Abby Moments". Those of you who've read my blog for awhile or who happen to know us in real life, know exactly what that means! She might be a bit goofy, but she's all ours.

So happy birthday, beautiful ballerina girl! May your light shine brighter and brighter with each passing year! I love you...


Cheryl Henderson said...

Happy Birthday Abby! My "baby" girl made her first decade in January. Doesn't time fly? I hope you had a enjoyed your special day.

Michelle said...

Your daughter Abby sounds like a very special girl. And I already know she has a very special mommy! You are blessed to have each other.


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