Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm Weird

No, really folks. Like really, really weird.

First a little background on me and my family. One: if you mess with one, you mess with us all. :) And two: we "see" things. We "feel" things. And then they happen. With stunning accuracy. Only trouble is, it mostly pertains to death and other bad things.

The latest episode took place about a week ago. I had a weird "vision" (for lack of a better word, and I do think that's what they are because I'm awake but I see the situation happening before me as if watching a TV screen) that my former teen heartthrob, Corey Haim had died.

I told Dean, "I had a weird dream or whatever you want to call it, that Corey Haim died." He asked if I'd Googled it (I did). But of course, he was still alive then so nothing came up. He said it was weird but that he believed me (he's been with me long enough to know when I see something, it'll happen).

Then this morning I'm in the checkout line at Albertsons when my cell rings. It's Dean. "Hey, guess what happened this morning?" I'm fumbling for my coupons and hastily reply, "I don't know, what?"

"Corey Haim died."  *Silence*

"Isn't that what you said like a week ago? About Corey Haim?"

"Uh, yeah...I did." (Gulp)

So needless to say, it's been an odd morning for me. On one hand, I'm sad for Mr. Haim's family. I'm sorry that he was unable to kick his drug addictions and died the way he did, if that's truly what happened. It's a terrible waste either way. And on the other hand, I'm confused and annoyed with myself. Honestly, what's the point of having these thoughts/visions/dreams if you can't do anything to stop the events from happening?

(By the way, I did this with Michael Jackson, too. And Corey Feldman's divorce. My other celebrity "death" vision pertains to Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. Obviously he's still around...)

This doesn't just happen with celebrities, either. And really, the fact that it even happens with them is a mystery as I'm not a celebrity-follower by any stretch of the imagination.

Nor does it *always* happen. Just 98% of the time.

My children also seem to have this "gift", if that's what you want to call it. I believe at least one of my nephews does, too.

It starts out with movies on TV and songs on the radio. Think it--it's on. Every time. Weird, right? Then it moves onto knowing when someone in the family is hurt or in trouble. My sister and I are very close in this regard. I can be having an awful day and she'll call me from her home in Pennsylvania: "Hello?"

"What's wrong? Who's hurt? What happened?" :) My mom's good with that, too. Ditto my aunt and grandmother.

Then it moves on to death. (Gulp) The day I received the phone call from my mom that my uncle was being taken via ambulance to the hospital, I'd had a bad feeling all day. Like "this was it". I finally emailed Dean and said, "I know you'll probably think this is crazy, but I really feel like my uncle's going to pass away this weekend." Right after I sent that email--literally less than 3 minutes, my mother phoned me.

I've only met one other person outside my family that can do this (and I won't give her name lest she doesn't want to be labeled a freak--hee hee). So I know it's not just me. Which is supremely comforting.

So this leaves me with these final thoughts: What's the point of this gift, talent, ability--whatever label you choose to slap on it--if you can't do anything with it or prevent these things from happening?
Like "see" next week's Powerball numbers for example? :) Kidding. Sort of.

I just wish I knew what the point of it all was and how it can be "used for good" and not my own "Wow. I was just thinking that!" :o/ And secondly, what's the Biblical response to something like this? Everything I've read condemns this sort of thing. So...?? What's the point?

**Edit** One more thing. Okay, two. I promise to try my very best to not dream about those who've asked me not to do so. (Hee hee) And second, I've also had this happen with people and phone calls. One person in particular is Anthony, Sierra's uncle. I'll be thinking of him--just out of the blue--he'll call. Every single time. Kinda weird. Ditto most others. "Hmm. I wonder what's up with So-and-So today." {Ring!} Caller ID: So-and-So...

You know, maybe there IS no point? Perhaps I should just put an act together and do parties. ;)


The Crazy Mom said...

First, let me say, please don't dream about me. Or have a vision, or whatever! LOL

Next, I have had this happen, but only once. I was driving down the street when I looked up and saw two planes rather close to one another. Suddenly, I got this really wierd feeling that there was going to be a crash.

I got home and the feeling was still there, and I said to my husband, "I have a weird feeling about planes." That was it. Then a few hours later two planes crashed into each other at the airport.

Now it could be that the air traffic controller was not doing his job that day. After all, the planes I saw did seem close. However, it was not those planes that crashed. But maybe he was letting them get too close all evening? Could be. But that feeling was really creepy. Not just a "wow that ATC is not doing a good job and if he doesn't start something bad will happen" kinda feeling.

Anyway, I don't know. Prophecy can be Biblical. But, yeah, yours don't seem to have any real purpose. And why would it be a family thing? Weird.

Now, I have had urges to pray for folks. Once, after not listening for several months, I turned back to a Christian radio station. The host was making a remark about how we all had been through trials and such. I suddenly felt that she was divorced or seperated from her husband.

Well, at the end of her show she would always address her husband and say, "See you soon." I told my husband I had a feeling she was divorced and he thought I was nuts. I missed the end of the show, but I listened the next day and she didn't say it.

So for months I listened, trying to figure it out. She never mentioned her dh. Finally, one day she was on the station's talk show. She was going to tell the listeners something she had not shared up to that point. I was pretty sure I knew what it was going to be. Yes, her dh had divorced her.

Now, that seems more like a Biblical situation (no, not the divorce!), because, I did start praying for her often after that. But this whole celebrity thing?

Yeah, you're weird! LOL

Unknown said...

Crazy Mom~
LOL!!! You crack me up, girl! :) I adore you so much. Okay, I promise to do my very best to NOT dream about you. But to be fair, I have zero control over these things. Obviously. Not sure why the whole celebrity thing's in there. Just another weird twist, I guess.

Sounds like you've had some interesting moments, too. Very odd/freaky about the planes and that lady's divorce. I'd agree the latter was more of a Biblical thing. Not sure what to make of the first. Perhaps we should put a travelling circus act together, just me 'n you? Hee hee!

homeschool101 said...

Denise, Your not a freak. I have done this before lots of times. If you are labeled as "The Freak" I guess I am labeled too! :)
To be honest with you, It is a gift, a gift that everyone has but only few operate in most. Everyone carries some type of gifting or another and some have more then one.
I dont want to go all religious on you so I wont, Lol! But it is in the bible that God gives giftings to everyone. [Romans 12: 6-8 & All of 1 Corinthians 12]
Whether you walk with God or not you still have these giftings.

I am not sure as to the purpose of why you seen that about Corey Haim, Its definately a interesting thought to ponder. I have seen that with people I knew and didnt know passing on. That is spooky in a sense but definately says that you are in line with certain events that are happening or coming. Have a great day!

Michelle Smith said...

I was just about to post that I didn't want you to dream about me, but then, what does Crazy Mom post? Don't dream about me. Can I just say "Ditto" and leave it at that? I have noticed Crazy Mom and I on the same wavelength a lot more frequently the last few months! ;)

Seriously, I occasionally have known things too, often not even recalling an actual dream or anything. Yet it doesn't happen to me very often. My mom, on the other hand, she claims that she knows all sorts of things. She only brings them up after the fact, though. So I don't know how often she is right.

Heidi said...

Ok, do you want me to further the weirdness? Just hours before I read your post I was listening to a Christian radio talk show that was talking about this very thing! The discussion was about whether it should condemned or whether it is just a "brain wavy" thing that connects us. Then I do some blog reading to find you talking about the same thing. Weird.

I had a very, very creepy feeling on 9-11. My husband and I were flying to Chicago for the day and I was super uneasy, to the point of tears at take-off. By the time we had landed and caught a taxi to our destination (very close to the airport), the second tower had been hit. We were stranded until someone could make the 4-hour trip by car to get us (airport closed and rentals unavailable).

This isn't quite the same, but last year for a couple of weeks, I kept getting even dollars (no change) when I purchased stuff. It happened three times in a row getting gas on automatic shut-off and 2 or 3 times at stores. I thought that really weird at the time. I probably should've played Powerball with those numbers!

Sheri said...

OH MY! I cannot believe this post! I just listened the other day to a local Biblical radio host (Bob Dutko) and he was talking about this very thing-and his explanation is what I thought.
scroll down-they don't have Wed.'s (10th) show listed yet but that was the day he covered this-maybe you can find some resources or hear some of it? Otherwise, I can try to remember what all was said. I will try to shoot an email to you this weekend explaining it-it was not "coincidence" that I decided to listen to him that was so I could tell you about it. :0)

we'll talk soon-

Sheri said...

I see that Heidi was listening to Bob too. His point tho was that is most likely is not of God...but Satan trying to get you interested in and dabbling in such things-so this is not good. I too have had those things happen, so I know what you are talking about. Will email this weekend....

The Crazy Mom said...

I listen to Bob too. If you ever hear him read wise cracking e-mails from Diane on Fridays, that's me. Though it's been months since I've written. :)

You know, I should have put 2 and 2 together when it was Heidi and she mentioned a Christian talk show. :)


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