Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Still Alive 'n Kickin' (and proud of my cool coupon savings!)

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. It just feels like it.

Ethan and I (and I think Sierra too, but it's hard to tell because she's got massive allergies) are both sick with wicked colds this week. The bug slammed us hard on Sunday and hasn't relented since. {Huge sigh}

However, I'm pleased to report that I was a bit more productive today than I was yesterday. At least, on the inside. On Monday, I could barely think let alone write anything worth reading. Every single time I used the computer, I'd have to go over 'n over my words and fix all my spelling errors. Which, I'm ashamed to say, were plentiful.

I had every intention of just laying low and relaxing, but I still cleaned the house. Which, as any wife/mother/lady will tell you, is a necessity no matter how crappy under the weather one feels.

But on a totally different note: Remember my post the other day about coupon strategies? Well, I totally went nuts with those things this weekend and saved (wait for it...) $75 total off my grocery bill. Yahoo!!!! That's between 2 stores, Albertsons and Fred Meyer. Not too shabby. ;-) Now that I've totally been bitten by the savings bug, I'm shooting for a much higher total next month. :)

Overall, I'd like to spend less than $300/month on everything which to some, may sound like a ton of moolah already. But bear with me...I'm still getting the hang of things. :)

Tomorrow I'll hit Albertsons again. I've got 3 of their Double Coupons left, which I plan to use on soymilk and toothpaste. (Yeah. Weird combination, I know.) But my total after various coupons/sales should be roughly $1.58 for 2 half-gallons soymilk and 2 tubes of Crest. (Yeah, baby!) :-D

Okay, I should get back to making supper....enough of this weirdness for one night. :)

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Rachel said...

Yay for the savings, boo on the illnesses! Allergies are awful right now. I went outside for 10 minutes with the kids and was miserable for the next half hour. But I sucked it up and went for a 1 1/2 mile walk with my mom this afternoon.


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